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I've been a little down on the blogging world lately. If you don't set boundaries it can take over your life. I got frustrated recently and just wanted to live in REAL LIFE not in the online world. I've been focusing more on being present in the moment instead of "oh wait, everybody look this way, I need a picture for my blog". And I must say I'm much HAPPIER this way.

But last night something happened that reminded me off the amazingness of this blogging community. If you ditch all the hype of product pushing and scrambling to make a name for yourself, the core of blogging remains an amazing pairing of writing from the heart and making lasting connections with like minded people.

Backstory: Recently I was lamenting on twitter the lack of Girl Scouts in my area. In previous years I couldn't walk out of a grocery store without tripping over them and then emptying my pockets. But, this year those little girls were strangely absent. Well, taking pity of my plea for cookies, Luis offered up HIS Girl Scouts. After yet another weekend with no cookie sightings I took Luis up on his offer and ordered 8 boxes of cookies... .FROM CALIFORNIA.

While I've never met Luis in real life, I made a connection with him a couple of years ago. He may not know it, but he has been a constant source of inspiration for me. If you aren't familiar with him, check out his before and after pics HERE. He has lost an amazing amount of weight and has turned into a kick ass runner. Beyond his accomplishments, most of all I've always been amazed by his kindness and this week was no different.

Instead of just a box of cookies, I was surprised with this package:

Personalized drawings from his daughters, a long sleeve San Fran Marathon shirt, an AMAAAAAZING running CD (which I'll be using in my next race),and various other goodies. It was a lovely surprise.

So thank you Luis, for your package, your kindness and your friendship. And thank you for reminding me there IS goodness to be found in blogging. :)

Have YOU made friends through blogging?

Go ahead, admit how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies you've bought this year :)

And if you don't want to admit how many, then what's your favorite flavor?

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Cookies, Music and Kindness + TIME