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28 To-Do's For My 28th Year


That's the sound of my 28th birthday hitting me square in the face today. Not quite sure how it crept up on me so soon; perhaps my absentmindedness has something to do with all of the cuddling I've been doing with a certain babyfriend of mine...

So far, though, turning 28 hasn't been all that fabulous. Charlotte projectile vomited on me this morning, and then promptly proceeded to have a diaper explosion that rivaled the effects of all of the nuclear "testing" they've been doing in North Korea.

Other birthday presents: a bladder infection (TMI, I know. Sorry. Give me this little TMI for my birthday, will you?) and we're getting our taxes done tonight. Wahoo! Party hardy over here.

Actually, I have had some nice birthday gifts. My mom has been helping out this week with C since Kevin went back to work last Wednesday, and she took me clothes shopping to boot. Meanwhile, Kevin and I trekked out to the outlet mall over the weekend where I did some major birthday damage at J. Crew. Some people have a sweet tooth. I have a J. Crew tooth.

And still up this week: several birthday dinners and visitors and fun. Might even sneak another glass of champagne in there somewhere.

Otherwise, I've been considering the upcoming year as it will be one of change and challenge, surely. While I don't want to overwhelm myself with lists of outrageous goals and commitments, there are tons of things I'd like to do while I float into the final years of my 20's.

28 To-Do's For a 28-Year-Old Megan
1) Start grad school.
2) Take Charlotte to the apple orchard in the fall.
3) Run a third marathon.
4) Finally remodel our master bath. (Ok, so that's more on Kevin's To-Do List; I'd just reap the benefits!)
5) Take a week-long family summer vacation on the west coast of the Mitten.
6) Have a big bowl of ice cream for breakfast.
7) Kick my addiction to Coke Zero (or not).
8) Go on a brewery tour and drink tons of tasty Michigan-brewed beers.
9) Rekindle the romance with my road bike.
10) Eat a chicken dinner at Zehnder's in Frankenmuth.
11) Figure out how to keep up a blog, work a full-time job, raise a baby, be a good wife, daughter, sister and friend, and keep my bathrooms from looking like they belong in the Addams' Family house. Hmm.
12) Go on a camping/hiking trip.
13) Discover the perfect pair of jeans.
14) Finally take a yoga class. Or two.
15) Finish reading the Lisbeth Salander series. I kicked ass reading the first book, but that was before C came along, so maybe I'll get to Played With Fire & Hornet's Nest at some point this year.
16) Embrace my hair style sans blow dryer and flat iron.
17) Go to the theatre for a ballet or a play or something artsy fartsy.
18) Find vegetables that don't taste like death and eat more of them.
19) Run for a long time without my iPod and enjoy the scenery instead.
20) Become a better photographer.
21) Master the art of Crock Pot cooking so we eat at least one real meal a week.
22) Rewatch all of Grey's Anatomy and try not to fall off the wagon again when Meredith almost "dies" in season three or four or whatever it was because there once was a time when I just loved that show.
23) Play in the rain and try not to worry about my hair going wild (see also #16).
24) Put on my skinny jeans and green Pumas and go to some hipster indie rock concerts and remind myself that it's okay to still act like I'm 17 instead of 28.
25) Read lots and lots and lots of books with/to Charlotte.
26) Go dancing. Or have a dance party. Or take a dance class. At the very least, watch Dirty Dancing and Center Stage and Footloose.
27) Get my craft on once in a while.
28) Stop making To-Do Lists... . right after I finish this one.

What's on your To-Do list this year?

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