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Its that time of the year...

Yes my friends its that time of the year,those weeks between Halloween and New Years where it's easy to toss your healthy habits out the window.

I get it, I do. There are office parties, holiday baking, and family events centered around food. I have to be extra vigilant during the winter months, there are a few "tricks" that keep me from straying too far.


Like I talked about in Womens Health Magazine, brushing my teeth is one of the easiest ways for me to curb unnecessary munching. The time in between when I eat dinner and when I crawl into bed may only be a handful of hours, but in that short time I can pack in tons of extra calories by snacking on food I don't really need. I've found that if I brush my teeth right after dinner I'm less likely to graze. I'll often rebrush my teeth or swish with mouthwash if its been a few hours and I'm facing down the Munchy Monster. :) It tells your brain that meal time is OVER, and food simply doesn't taste good when competing with minty breath so its easy to say no to snacks.


Ok, this seems contradictory but hear me out. I don't think treats are evil. Eating a piece of chocolate occasionally doesn't make you unhealthy. I tend to OVERindulge when I've been denying myself. By allowing myself a treat occasionally I never feel deprived and am less likely to binge on the candy bowl.


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It's pretty easy to splurge on junk simply because it's in front of you. I often remind myself that I'm saying 'no' to the apple pie because somewhere down the line a cherry one may come along that I'll enjoy much more. Part delayed gratification, and part cherry is better than apple pie any day :)


You've heard this a million times, but how often do you put it into action? Next time you reach for a cookie try a glass of water instead. Sometimes you're simply thirsty and the water curbs the munchies, or just as likely it gives you that little moment to pause and realize you don't actually want/need that cookie.


Super cool things happen this time of year. It's easy to find an outdoor festival, or a holiday themed race. Instead of getting your family together to just EAT, try enjoying each others company while moving your body.

And finally, don't hesitate to hit the reset button. We're all bound to go overboard at some point. Instead of letting that slip up turn into a free for all until New Years,just reset. Give yourself a clean slate.

What are YOUR tips and tricks to stay healthy during the holidays?

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Its that time of the year... + race