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Got Compression? Tommie Copper Review & Giveaway

If you know me, you know I'm not a huge fan of trends, particularly when it comes to running. I've shied away from minimalist shoes, adventure races, and SpiBelts/fuel belts because, well, I try to keep myself as "natural" a runner as possible.

For the record, I've also shied away from trends like Ugg boots and high-waisted jeans. However, the Justin Bieber trend finally sucked me in about a year ago. I've got to admit it: the kid is adorable and talented.

Compression running apparel fell on that list of Never-Want-To-Try It Trends for me, too. Sure, I'd heard about the benefits and saw my running pals find relief in the stuff, but something about it was scary to me.

Ok, you want the truth? The truth is that I was always afraid of donning compression stuff because I thought I'd look like a sausage stuffed too tightly into its casing.

Yeah, I'm shallow.

So when Jordan from Tommie Copper agreed to send me a few of their copper-based compression items to try out, I was excited, but nervous.

Jordan hooked me up with a short-sleeved women's compression V-neck tee, a pair of unisex compression calf sleeves, and cool fleece hat (not compression, but still awesome and cozy).

Along with the items came a very sweet card from Jordan congratulating me on being pregnant and a pamphlet outlining the benefits of TC compression wear:

  • It can help to reduce pain in the back, shoulders, elbows, calves, knees, ankles, and tendons
  • Help to improve circulatory or inflammatory conditions by increasing circulation and reducing inflammation
  • It's made of lightweight fabric that can be worn under everyday clothing
While I haven't been experiencing too many aches and pains lately due to a reduced running schedule, my trusty husband managed to rack up some issues while running the Chicago Marathon, so he helped me round out this review, FYI.

The Shirt
I took the women's V-neck on a test drive yesterday while doing a 3-mile walk/run session at the gym. Since I have a little "extra" to cover up, I ordered the tee in a medium (normally I wear a small in running clothes).

When I'd first opened up the package, I was scared that the shirt was going to be too small, but the fabric is rather stretchy and light.

While it isn't something I can wear right up to the 40-week mark (and let it be known: TC apparel is NOT maternity apparel), it did fit rather well even when stretched over my 26-weeks-pregnant belly.

The Verdict
I was really pleased with how comfortable the tee was while I logged the miles on the treadmill. It didn't irritate my skin or ride up, two fears I've always harbored when eyeing compression gear in stores.

And the whole thing about looking like a sausage? Nope. It didn't hug me too tightly; in fact, the compression held me and LBA in rather nicely as we bounced along. I really enjoyed it for that reason, as I like a little extra support in my clothing now that I'm this far along.

As for helping to reduce muscle pain or inflammation: I don't know if I can give a super educated answer on this one, as I haven't had any problems with my upper body lately.

The Calf Sleeves
This one is where the hubs comes in. I received the Tommie Copper items just before leaving for Chicago, so when we got home, the calf sleeves were a source of excitement for my sore-legged Kevin.
I'd ordered the sleeves in a medium, which happened to fit both of us nicely.

Those are his hairy legs, not mine. (Although mine are probably just as hairy. Ew. TMI!)

The Verdict
Kevin wore the sleeves under his work pants all day on Tuesday as he recovered from the race and said that because they were so light, he never even noticed he had them on.

By Tuesday night, most of his muscle soreness was gone, and he said his legs felt "pretty good".

Wifely Translation: When we ran the Detroit and Kalamazoo Marathons, I remember not being able to walk real well for days. After Chicago, Kevin was up and moving around more nimbly in a shorter amount of time. I'd say the sleeves helped to speed up that recovery period.

For the record, I pulled on the sleeves for a while, too, to see how they fit.

I could probably get away with wearing a size small for added compression, but the mediums are nice, especially since my calves are puffing up with pregnancy. Like the shirt, they are super lightweight, and the band at the top doesn't irritate my skin.

I can definitely see myself using these after I run a few long comeback races next year.

Overall, I'd give the Tommie Copper products two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Want to win your own set of Tommie Copper Calf Sleeves?
Jordan agreed to sponsor a giveaway featuring one set of calf sleeves for one of you lucky readers!

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Contest is open until Wednesday, Oct. 19. I'll randomly choose a winner and post his/her name on Thursday, Oct. 20.

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I received these products (and one to give away) at no cost from Tommie Copper to review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own; I was not compensated to give any certain opinion or provide any particular information.

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