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What's working and what isn't

It's pretty easy to get complacent in life, especially in your healthy living journey. Days and weeks and months go by and while you're still getting your exercise in, and sure you eat your veggies, you start letting things slip in here and there.

I find that when my life gets a little too comfortable, that's when I become most UNcomfortable with myself.

So, I'm no longer overweight. Thats nice.

And I'm eeking up to running 40 miles a week. Good job.

And most often I chose whole foods over processed. High fives.

And odds are if I eat out I order the grilled fish. Good choice.

But there are other things that aren't working and it's time to re-evaluate. It's SO important to stay honest with yourself. It's pretty easy to get caught up in THINKING you're living healthy, but most likely there's a lot of room for improvement. I'm talking about myself of course, you're just along for the ride as I ramble.

My list of things that ARE working of course include the above, plus some.

What isn't working:

-strength training:I slacked off for awhile, but am happy to say I'm back on the ST horse so this really belongs in both categories

-accountability: I've been blogging less, for me there's a definite correlation between when my online presence is up (and I'm feeling good about myself) and when I disappear (and start slacking)

-water: I'm pretty good about focusing on hydration before a long run, but need to be better about water on a day to day basis

-family outings: when living in Florida, most of our family outings were centered around an activity. We were outside a lot, on walks and at the beach, etc. Since moving to Texas I've noticed our activities have become more sedentary. We see more movies,plan more family gatherings centered around food and such. I need to be more proactive in seeking out family activities that get us moving, and in Austin that shouldn't be hard. (Edited to add:we DO run as a family a couple times a week,and have started back on our daily family walks)

All of those are actually really easy to fix, and the pay off is immense. What about you, do you sit down to examine what's working and what isn't? I'd love to hear something you're proud of and something you want to work on.

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What's working and what isn't + weight loss