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Hood to Coast Relay, Cankles are Sexy

You can read all about Leg 1 HERE.

When I left you last, I had wrapped up a 5.64 mile run with a 2000 ft elevation loss, basically I had just ran down a mountain. Once I was done, I took the time to roll out with the Stick (thanks Lesley) and then wrapped my foot/ankle in some Arctic Ease.

I didn't mention on my blog ahead of time, and tried to downplay it to my team (because I had nightmares they'd kick me off... yeah I'm weird), but I had hurt my left ankle/outside foot earlier in the week. I saw the podiatrist the day before I left and he basically said to take time off and he would treat it, but if I insisted on running then I was on my own. So... .I was on my own. :) This was my ankle BEFORE my first run, already looking super lovely and swollen. Eek!:

Sexy huh? Ha! Coach Adam and my buddy Lesley were lucky enough to wake up to that picture Friday. :)

Anyway, as soon as I finished that first leg I knew I needed to ice/treat that ankle. Thankfully, Gene had sent me the Arctic Ease wraps, the cool compression I got from them went a LONG way in recovery. Thanks Gene!

Somehow, despite the abuse, the ankle never felt any worse than it did going into the race. Thanks to the wrap, and compression it looked about the same.Score!

(Not so)Average A rocked her leg. I loved being able to hand off to her and watch her power on her way.

Then our nuun staffer Caitlin hit her frenzy button (inside joke) and blew her leg out of the water

Caitlin handed off to Kerrie who pushed through some crazy heat to kill her leg. I was SUPER proud of her for overcoming the heat and rocking that run. Kerrie has picked up some serious speed in the last couple of months, its been fun to watch her transformation.

Next came The Faster Bunny. And let me just say, she should be renamed the faster MACHINE! That girl is awesome, watching her run is mesmerizing. It became difficult to get our VAN to the exchange faster than she ran to it. Yeah, she rocks.

Last in our van to run was Lisa.Poor thing got stuck with no van support (we weren't allowed to stop) but she powered through and looked great doing it!

With Van 1 Nuun Platuun done with their first legs, we got to finally see Van 2 at the first major van to van exchange in the Safeway parking lot.

(L to R Average A,Susan,Harmony,Caitlin,Faster Bunny,Tonia,Kerrie,Me)

Next up: I play chicken with a train.

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Hood to Coast Relay, Cankles are Sexy + team nuun