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Hi folks!
Hope everyone is enjoying the start of fall (I have to say, it's in the air here), and hopefully you weren't involved in the horrendous flooding that seems to have hit the coast! I'm chugging along on my rotation, working long hours but really happy. And some big news...

A. I got my first residency interview offer today! (BEYOND psyched)

B. The Great Race is full :(, so I signed up for a 5K in October to soothe the sting. I've ran the Great Race the past 2 years and I think I was seeded this year, I just didn't have a copy of my schedule and couldn't sign up early. Boo. I can't say that I've been running as regularly as I have in the past, but I did get in 6 miles yesterday and am only mildly sore today. Hopefully I'll be ready for the Baltimore half in October which is in exactly 1 month. AGH.

From a healthy habits standpoint I've been trying to stay on track, a few slips here and there but in the grand scheme of things I think I'm doing a pretty good job in light of the hours I'm working and fatigue I've got going on with getting up at 5am every day.
Things I'm still doing (and proud of!)
Food: still making sure to eat breakfast- double fiber toast (yay fiber!), hard boiled eggs, fruit
Lunch- usually a big salad w/ chickpeas and peas for protein, sometimes a roll or pita w/hummus if it's around during lunch, a bite or two of brownie or delicious hospital cookies once in awhile (hey I'm working hard!)
Dinner: this is the only thing I've been slacking on. I've fallen into a pattern where I have a snack bar late afternoon and by the time I get home I'm so tired I'm not hungry. So weird for me. I've been alternating between Kashi cereal w/berries and Broccoli with nutritional yeast. I'm sure once the cold weather hits my appetite will kick in.
Exercise: hanging strong at 3-4 workouts a week, a couple runs, core 1-2x a week, and picking up weights at least once a week. I will be trying to pick up my runs these next few weeks to prepare for the half as well. I don't feel like I've lost a great deal of fitness in the past few weeks, although doing yoga last weekend I noticed my balance was wayyy off, and I think my arms are losing a little tone. This is something I'm keeping an eye on and will be working on soon.

Another thing I'm proud of being so busy the past few months is that I'm becoming less focused on eating and exercising perfectly, and am focusing more on big picture, how I'm feeling, and things my body is telling me instead of overstretching. I.E, when I'm about passing out at 8pm and I could fit exercise in, I choose sleep so I'm not overly tired and worn out the next day. I also let myself eat the things I'm craving and remain mindful of the things I'm eating, but not overly self-critical.

Progress and good things all around.

Tell me what's going on in your lives? I haven't read a blog in 2 months!

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