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Friday Brain Dump

It's Friday, Friday, gettin' down on Friday. Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend.

Thanks, Rebecca Black, for reminding us that people like weekends, something that Loverboy already did in 1981. And mind you, Loverboy did it with sweatbands and 80's white-boy afros. Top that, Rebecca.

I didn't work for the weekend, unless you count the one hour-and-a-half long work meeting I went to on Wednesday. But I'll be back to work in a few weeks, so I'm trying to soak up my summer by doing a whole lot of sinfully delicious nothing.

Hence today's post, a random jibber-jabber list of crap I want to do before the school bells ring and I'm back to the days of scarfing my lunch, using the bathroom, checking email, and finding my breath all in 27 sweet minutes in the middle of a hectic day.

Keep getting my run on.

Megan and I were reunited in the Park today for a short 3 miler. Ok, so I say short, but it felt long to me. I was tired. We walked a bit in the middle, tried to snap some photos of us "running", but we (I, really) look kind of scary.

We finished in about 34 minutes. I'm definitely getting slower.

Therefore, I'm just hoping to keep on getting as many miles in as I can; once school starts, I'll be super duper tired and with no races on the schedule for now, running will probably take a backseat.

Much better the second photo around.

Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.

I finally finished reading the series this morning. Let me just go all Rebecca Black/Loverboy for a minute to state the obvious: J.K. Rowling is a seriously talented author. I'm still in awe of every little plot detail, character subtlety, and magic spell she invented in the curious Wizarding world of Potter's.

And I'm convinced that she alludes to just about every sociological problem in the world today: political corruption, slavery, social castes, ethnocentrism, etc, etc, etc...

Now I just have to finish the second half of the film series so I can drag take Kevin to the theater to see the final movie in 3D before it leaves theaters.

Get crack-a-lackin' on LBA's To-Do List.

I'm nearly outgrowing the collection of running apparel that I've so lovely amassed in the last few years. Sad tear face.

But that means I get to hunt down some threads to add to my two maternity tanks from For Two Fitness. That means I get to shop. Shopping makes my heart grow big.

Other LBA items:

  • Find out if he's a she or she's a he on 8/25. Less than two weeks!
  • Go nursery decorating crazy. I've been pilfering ideas from Young House Love (John & Sherry, can we be best friends?), Oh Dee Doh, and Pinterest. Now if I could only hone my Craft McCrafterson skillz.
  • Settle on discuss fight over names. Kevin and I have been in name discussions deeper than those that surrounded the debt crisis. I'm about to get all John Boehner up in here.
  • I don't know what I mean by that last comment. I just wanted to political name drop.
Clean up mah blog header and write some amazing Pulitzer-prize winning posts.

Can you even win Pulitzers for blog writing? I don't think so. Perhaps I'll just throw my name in the hat for a Nobel, instead. You know, because I do a crapton of philanthropic work.

Since we bought a fancy DSLR, it's time to start revamping some of the photography around here. Today, I took some pictures of all my old running shoes for practice. And so you'd have something to look at while I talked about blogging.

I also need to work on writing some of the content I've had sticky-noted for awhile. Julie wrote a post back in June about how to come up with blog content, and I took some of her advice.

But then I spazzed out and didn't really write many of the posts I have ideas for. So now I'm going to. I'll try to make it interesting.

Don't forget to enter my Nuun Giveaway here!

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Any particular blog posts you'd like to see from me? Anything you're really dying to know about?

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