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Once again I’m reminded how blessed I’ve been making friends in this online community. Lately I’ve been chatting with Lesley, from Racing It Off. just about everyday. We gossip talk about our shared coach Adam, plan future races together, shop obsessively for the perfect Running Skirt, and commiserate running in this heat.

During a recent conversation about Hood to Coast she suggested I bring a Stick (self massaging tool) with me to ease some soreness between each of my runs. She had one she wasn’t using and offered to send it to me, then had the STELLAR idea that we put together little running goodie packages for each other with stuff we already had.

I loved the idea and quickly put together a package of goodies. You can find out what I sent her HERE. I had a great time putting hers together, and eagerly awaited to see what she sent me.

Dash was also excited when we got a package.


Lesley was super generous. I got tons of products from Mission Skincare which she swears by and I’m excited to test out. I also got some GU chomps which made me giggle because I sent her some too. Some Cliffshot drink, sportbeans, Raw Crunch bars and Justins Nut Butter was also included.

In a second package she sent me The Stick. Instead of just sending me her old one, she was kind enough to order me a new one in travel size so that it will easily fit in my Hood to Coast bag.


My muscles will be thanking her for The Stick, but the absolute sweetest thing she sent me was this necklace:


Lesley makes amazing jewelry, you can see more of her pieces HERE. I’m blessed that she make me a special necklace. That picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Its gorgeous, a runner girl layered over a pendant that says “Inspire” on it, and on top of that are two blue topaz beads (my birthstone). Its really lovely and I was super touched.

Thanks Lesley for such a great care package, most of these goodies will be making their way to Oregon next week!


Another online buddy, Gene, took pity on my poor legs and sent me some Arctic Ease (cold therapy packs/wraps) to use at Hood to Coast. Having someone you’ve never actually met, look out for you, is an amazing thing. Thanks Gene!


Adam is now officially “Coach Adam”. He received his certification as a running coach this weekend. I said this on Twitter, and I’ll say it again here: I trust him with my IT bands, my hopes and my dreams. Hit him up if you’re interested in a custom tailored training plan, encouragement and plenty of inspiration. His email is


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