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Funny Photo Friday:proof I nurse my young in public.Got a problem with that?

revision: if you were here earlier (um why are you back?) you’ll notice something missing in this top part. Decided not to scrabble for it.Thanks everyone!

Can you say ‘Awkward’ and Cow says Moo:

Did anyone else chuckle over the pic I used in my giveaway? I had told my husband I felt like a nursing cow wearing that hydration pack thing and sure enough he caught this picture:


Attractive, right? Yeah I work hard to look that good, hunched over nursing my young. HA! Want one of your own? Enter HERE

Two weeks, Two weeks, Two weeks:

Bet you’ll never guess how long until Hood To Coast. That’s a tough one, I know, so I’ll go ahead and let you know: TWO WEEKS. Yes, I am excited. And YES! You will have to start listening to a countdown.


Everyone Likes To Save Money:

I’m just guessing there. Some people *might* not like saving money, but since most of you probably aren’t named Richard Branson, I’ll go ahead and share a couple of promo codes.

Use “nuunplatuun” to save 25% off your next order at

Use “endurance” to save 15% off your next skirt from (the skirt I’m wearing to nurse that baby cow? Yep, it’s a RS. And their fall line comes out next month, trust me:you’ll love it!)


I’m training for about a billion half marathons, and have that one looming full in November. Training is going good. My IT bands have settled down, thanks in large part to Active Release. Its still super hot here (56 days of 100+ temps and no end in site) so I’m splitting my runs between treadmill and outdoor. Maybe not ideal, but it’s working.

What are YOU training for right now?

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Funny Photo Friday:proof I nurse my young in public.Got a problem with that? + training