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A Wee Little Problem

Since deciding to do the full 10-mile Crim race in a few weeks, I set out this morning for the first day of my four-week training program.

It was also a good opportunity to try out my new For Two Fitness tank that appeared in my mail box yesterday.

See? It says "Running For Two". How cute is that??

I was to do an easy two miles at 11:17 pace, although I'm not paying attention to speed at all for this training or race. Regardless, two miles is two miles, and it should be a quick and easy thing to accomplish on a Tuesday morning.

As soon as Garmin found her trusty satellites, I was off. Immediately, though, a few things nagged at me:

1. Inner Thigh Chub Rub. As I've put on a few pounds in the last few weeks, my favorite Nike Race Day shorts have become a bit too much like Daisy Dukes. Sadly, the two pairs I own might have to be retired until next spring.

Some people just don't know when to quit Daisy Dukes.

2. My iPod is totally lame. I really need to update my running tunes. The same songs have been on it since I was training for Detroit two years ago with only minor updates. Listening to the same music over and over again is about as appetizing during a run as the thought of fish sandwiches.

But the worst one by far? (I should warn you: things are about to get a little TMI here... )

3. I had to pee. Lately, my bladder has been about as dependable as an 87-year-old woman's. You can count on me to have to use the bathroom after I have three sips of water. If I drink anything before bed, I wake up in the morning feeling like someone filled me up with water balloons throughout the night and then stood on me.

See those two little feet? That's just about where the little nugget is right now (positioned differently though) and he/she lays right on top of the old lady bladder.

I'm usually a fairly lucky runner who doesn't experience much in the way of potty problems. But on this morning's run, much like a few other runs I've been on lately, I didn't go to the bathroom right before walking out the door.

Pressure + running + even a minorly filled bladder = Tinkle Town.

That's right, I'm putting it out there on the Interwebz: I sometimes pee just a teeny weeny bit when I run these days.

I should probably not post this. I will regret it later.

I will at least save myself the embarrassment of posting any photos of myself wearing pee-spotted, chub-rub inducing Nike Race Day shorts.

Instead, I will end this post with a (slightly blurry) photo of the feet and the bump.

If you want to get personal: do you have any on-the-road potty problems? Any tips to keep running route bathroom breaks to a minimum?

If you don't want to get personal: share a funny joke. I like jokes.

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