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Good news: Hood to Coast is almost here!
Bad news: 23 days until race day mean's you'll have to hear about it for 23 more days... .and then probably for a week of recap. If you're tired of it then check back here in September. :)

Quick follow up: My IT bands seem to be settling down. I'm running less days, but FASTER miles and that combination seems to help. I've noticed that when I start to feel a twinge mid-run, if I increase my cadence the pain goes away. Today I have some downhill repeats in preparation for the insane elevation loss of my first leg.

I know the key to this workout will be to feel and hold the correct form that will keep me gliding without pounding down that mountain. I'm super thankful to have a coach that is helping me find the happy medium between too much and too little.

Plus he looks like that chick off Glee good in a track suit.


Yes, I am *still* answering your questions from THIS post. I've enjoyed these questions, so feel free to leave a comment on that original post if you want to know something.

Big Clyde asks:

Q:When you first started running, what was the turning where you started to love it?

A: I LOVED this question. It made me think of my twitter profile which says "Love running, except for when I don't". I'll be honest I have a love/don't love relationship with running. What I love and don't love about it is the same thing: ITS HARD.

The first time I fell in love with running was at my first 5k. Up until then it had just been something I did to challenge myself and break through old phobias of running as a form of torture in gym class. But as I ran that first race on a cool, crisp morning in Austin, I fell in love. I got caught up in the excitement and beauty of the run, and as I crossed that finish line, I felt like a RUNNER for the first time ever. I was in love.

(a plumper version of me, pre-race with my sister.Little did I know this race would change everything.Nov 2009)

New News: Nuun Platuun

I want to give a shout out and HUGE thank you to Kerrie,aka Captain Obvious, who came up with a stellar team logo. The girl has skills.



Speaking of super yummy hydrating goodness, I have a promo code for you. Use “nuunplatuun” on your next nuun order on and get 25% off. I’m enjoying all the summer flavors like pink lemonade and lemon tea, but if I had to pick a favorite right now I’d have to go with fruit punch. Yum!

What’s YOUR favorite nuun flavor?

How did you fall in love with running?

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