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Falling off a Mountain Friday (and how I married someone I just met)

I've been remiss in talking about my leg assignments for Hood to Coast. I'm super stoked to be runner #1. I love that I'll get to start our team out and experience the excitement at the top of Mt. Hood. Runner 1 has the least miles overall... .probably due to the insane-ness of leg #1.

Leg one starts at the top of Mt. Hood and has a 2000ft elevation drop over 5.64 miles. I've heard HORROR stories about the difficulty of this leg, its a quad shredder. I've been reading message boards for HTC. When people asked for advice on leg 1 the answer is invariable "unvolunteer for it". That being said, I still requested it because in my sick mind it sounds fun to go screaming down a mountain holding on to my knee caps for dear life.

I'm actually not at all worried about getting through that leg, I am however a little worried about how legs 2 and 3 will feel after that descent. I'm sure the pain, and inability to use the restroom on my own, will be worth it though. I'm looking forward to it.

Leg 1 is rated "very hard" for its severe downhill, my next legs 13 and 25, are easy with gently rolling hills. I'm being cocky confident and telling myself no matter how beat up my legs are from running down that mountain, I can always pull out a couple of easy 4 milers. Ignorance is bliss.


Now for some more answers from THIS Q&A post.

The Big Enchilada wants to know:

1) Do you think the fact that you can't sleep until 1:00 a.m. is because you feel guilty and my not be able to sleep?

Ummm... does this question make sense to anyone? I'm assuming he was drinking when he asked, so I'm skipping it.

2) Do you know that I'm kidding. I'm always kidding when it comes to you and you are still my BFF.

Again, does this make sense? He is always kidding when it comes to me... so is he kidding that he's my BFF? I'm hurt.Skipping this one also. (glug,glug)

3) Okay, serious questions now. The above were not real. More kids in the cards?

FINALLY, a question I understand. My answer would be when Dash goes to college kindergarten I might have one more. Charles would like one yesterday. Dash asks me for a baby just about every single day. In fact, he told Charles the other day "I wish you could have a baby Daddy, because I don't think Mommy is EVER going to."

I can't give you a solid answer why I haven't agreed to one right now, other than to say I don't *want* one right now. That sounds harsh but its true. Dash is at the age where he is easy to travel with and be active with and I'm enjoying our freedom. I am a stay at home mom and I'm truly enjoying this time I have with Dash, I want my focus to be on him. We live in the same area as several of his cousins so I don't worry about him being lonely. Additionally, I have some personal goals I want to accomplish in my life before I have another child. All of those things lead me to feel now isn't the right time. That being said... .I'm more open to the idea now then I was 3 months ago, so who knows what the answer will be this time next year.

4) Where did you meet Charles?

I met him on MySpace (anyone remember what that is?). He was deployed to Iraq at the time.

We talked online for a couple of months and then he flew in to meet me while on mid-tour leave. I met him in person for the first time on a Thursday, and a few days later (that monday) we got engaged. He flew back to Iraq the next morning and I didn't see him for 4 months. The day he came home from Iraq I picked him up from the welcome home ceremony and we drove directly to the airport. We eloped to Vegas and were married the next day. I was with him in person a total of 6 days (spread over 4 months) when we got married.

We spent the week in Vegas, and then flew home and I introduced him to my family. You can read the whole story (including about our random russian wedding witnesses)HERE.

5) Are you a Texas native?

6) Favorite movie?

I don't have a favorite movie. Same goes for books, songs,etc. Sure there are some I like more than others,but none are my all time favorite. Is that weird? I do have a favorite singer though and that's Elvis.

What is your best downhill running tip?

Do you have a favorite movie?

Have a question? Feel free to ask and I'll address it in an upcoming post.

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Falling off a Mountain Friday (and how I married someone I just met) + travel