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Friday Favorites 7 Links Style

Number One: Thank you for reading through and commenting on yesterday's whinetastic post about how I can't seem to slow down right now. You guys make me feel better about being a complete nutcase right now :) I want to hug every single person who even made it halfway through that post. If you made it through and commented, I'll buy you dinner if you're ever in Michigan.

Number Two: Kristy, over at Breath of Sunshine, recently tagged me in her 7 Links post.

If you've been stuck under a virtual rock or just haven't yet seen it, 7 Links is a blog post game of sorts that's been making its rounds on the Interwebz lately. Pretty simple rules:

  • Post links to 7 of your posts under each of the categories listed
  • Say a few interesting words about them
  • Tag 5 other bloggers to join the fun!
So today I'm going to be all AWish and do a Friday Favorites post except I'll talk about me and the blog... a lot. Just for today. Like I don't do that every day, I know.

Most Beautiful Post:
An Anniversary: This post is not filled with heavenly lit photos and pretty flowers and fluffy kittens. Instead, it's a short chronicle of the last 7 or so years I've spent with my husband. It's beautiful in the way we flaunt 80's aerobic instructor costumes, run races together, and manage to have a pretty successful marriage.

Most Popular Post:
A Pregnant Runner's Plan & BumpWatch Week 10.5: What can I say? People love bump photos, even when there isn't much of a bump to see. I even had terrible lighting and bad hair. Plus, I linked this one up to Facebook, so I'm sure all of my 150+ relatives clicked over to check it out. (OTRA Tip: Having a giant Polish family will merit you a lot of pageviews.)

Most Controversial Post:
What Makes a Runner a Runner?: While this post didn't necessarily cause as much controversy as the debt crisis, J. Lo's dare-to-plunge Versace dress, or the Atkins diet, it did make some waves with commenters, and I still get page views from it to this day.

Most Helpful Post:
5 Easy Ways to (Nearly) Sabotage-Proof Your Diet: Let's be honest. I'm not usually very helpful unless you want a daily dose of sarcasm. But once in a while, I file through the (short) list of helpful tips stored in my brain, and then I write about them. This was one of those posts.

A Post Whose Success Surprised You:
A Big (Little) Announcement: Ok, I guess I'm not super surprised that this post garnered a lot of attention and comments. People love babies. What I was surprised about was the outpouring of congratulations and comments from readers. People I don't know or only know through blogs stopped by to show me and LBA some love.

A Post That Deserves More Attention:
An Almost Year-End Reflection: I'm still always surprised that anyone even reads this blog at all, so it was hard to choose a "needs more attention" post. I came up with this oldie but goodie from last December because it reminds me to celebrate all PRs in life, not just the ones that come from racing.

Most Proud Of Post:
A Brave New World: Whew, this was a tough post to pick. I ended up choosing this recap from the 2010 Detroit Half-Marathon because I broke into the sub-2 hour mark with that race. I'd never trained so hard for a race and actually conquered my goal until this event. This is the race that I go back to thinking about every time I toe a start line.

That's all, folks! I'm not going to tag anybody but rather, if you follow me or read this bloggy blog, feel free to join in the 7 Links Fun. It's interesting to comb through all of your old posts and rediscover parts of you that you'd hadn't visited in a while.

As much as I love you, you know I haven't read through all of your post archives. Leave me a link to one of your own favorite posts in the comments below!

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