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Denver Bound - where to run?

As this summer fully ramps up, when I finally have enough time to really hit the trails, I'm leaving my beloved trails and making the move to Denver. For the past 2 months or so, I've been running fairly regularly, but it has been unremarkable for the most part which is why I have been (mostly) silent.

A few weeks ago I had a great trip down to Silverton to checkout Hardrock with Brendan and Aaron. It was inspiring. Since I wasn't racing, or doing much other than checking out parts of the course, I won't say much about it. I will say this: that race is on my to do list and the people down that came to Silverton for the race were Amazing. I met Scott Jaime and Krissy Moehl, both of whom are simply superb people.

Since that time, I've basically been confined to the house. I've been able to get in a daily run for an hour or two, but I've been focused on studying for the bar exam, which I took over the last two days. About a week and a half ago a friend asked me if I'd rather run 100 miles or take the bar. Easy. Run a 100. Of course I'd rather run a 100. I'd never take that damn test for fun. The exam was downright demoralizing. Hopefully I passed.

So now that I'm done with law school, done with the bar, and in search of a job, I'm moving to Denver. So I have a few questions:

  • Know any runners in the Denver area? I'd be great to get hooked into the running scene in Denver. I know a few people down there, but not too many.
  • I'd like to avoid Cherry Creek Trail, so where are the other good running areas? I realize I'll have to spend most of my time at the parks, but if there are other places I should know about please drop me a line, especially if there are trails.
  • I know that Denver is pretty flat and that worries me. I don't want to lose the small climbing ability that I have. Are there any steep hills that I can do laps on, even if the hill is just a block or two?
  • What are the best, closest trails to Denver? I was thinking that the trails out in Golden are probably the closest. I've heard good things about Morrison too. Suggestions?
  • Lastly, know of any lawyers who are hiring?
Thanks for all your help. Be well.

And in the spirit of the running community around here, check out these tunes I've been digging.

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Denver Bound - where to run? + running man