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I'm racing and YOU'RE invited!

I've been all over Twitter,excitedly making plans and coercing
inviting others to join me for upcoming races and I JUST realized I've never announced my race plans on here. Blogger Fail.

Its a bazillion (technical term there) degrees here in Texas. Due to heat, it's next to impossible to find a half or full marathon here until fall, so my schedule is planned out waaaay in advance. While most people around here will be sticking to 5k's, I'll be sweating it out, once again marathon training through the summer.


So here is what I have:

See Jane Run 1/2 marathon, October 9th: I'm super excited to be running in another womens race series. This one has a "chocolate and champagne" theme. Chocolate, champagne and spending time with my friends? Can't turn that down. I was stoked to find out the series will be here in Austin. You can click HERE to find a race in a city near you. (and check back wednesday for an awesome giveaway hosted by See Jane Run)

Rock N Roll San Antonio full marathon, November 13th: THIS is my redemption marathon. I ran it last year injured. This year I'm going back, and I'm OWNING that race. Enough said.

Rock n Roll Las Vegas half marathon, December 4th: The fact that its in VEGAS, and that this year the race will be AT NIGHT is awesome on its own. But, take into account that its just a few days after my 5 year anniversary (we got married in Vegas) and its a couple of days before my birthday... I pretty much can't turn this race down. :) Charles and I will be running this one together, rumor has it I'll be in some sort of wedding dress costume. Who knows, all I know is..YOU NEED TO JOIN ME. Seriously.

Houston Half Marathon January 15th: obviously, this one is a *maybe* if the lottery gods smile upon me. This is the 40th anniversary of the Houston marathon AND the Olympic Trials will be held there the day before the race. And umm... hello its in my state, so I HAVE to at least try to get in. *fingers crossed*(oh,and someone convince me I should go for the full.anyone?)

Austin Marathon,1/2 marathon Feb 19th: It would be pretty silly NOT to run it, since its an amazing race in my own city. (can you tell I'm trying to convince Charles I *need* to register for these)

ZOOMA Austin 1/2 marathon,March 31st: I'll wrap up the season by running this amazing race again. Bring on the hills!


1. Have you ran any of these before? Likes/Dislikes.

2. Who is joining me? Let me know which ones you're interested in, I'll start planning the meetup!

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