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RnR Seattle Half Marathon Playlist

Creating a playlist for a long race is one of my favorite ways to bond with iTunes. I get to flip through thousands of songs, sampling slices and adding and deleting them on a whim, knowing that it doesn't much matter what I add to the playlist because in a long distance race I get to just zone out and enjoy the ride.

We're so zoned out here.

That way, I'll have an excuse when some poor soul questions "if I won the race". I can say, "nope, too busy jamming to some random tunes instead of squeezing my guts out on to the course".

Playlist Highlights
*I wanted to share the actual songs with you via an embedded Spotify widget, but had some problems with the HTML on the Spotify developer site. Until I get it to work, you can follow this link - Seattle RnR Playlist - to check out the songs. Don't know about Spotify yet? Get it on, now! It's FREE, and it'll change the way you listen to music. Yes, FREE, people.

This particular playlist was especially fun because I dug into the archives for a few old licks while fistpumping to some new-to-me songs.

Some Old Licks
Chantal Kreviazuk - "The Way God Made Me": Sweet, soulful Chantal and your late 90's, Lillith Fair girl power. I used to envy your pixie cut and your big doe eyes and the way you married that one guy from Our Lady Peace. But mostly, I like the way this song makes it cool to be a girl.

Fallout Boy - "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race": Go ahead and judge me. I'm judging myself. Pete Wentz is a douche, yes, but somehow the music's insatiable energy outweighs his flat-ironed hair.

CAKE - "The Distance": If you don't like this song or if you don't find it motivating during a race, then you can go straight to hell.

New-to-Me Songs
K'Naan - "Wavin' Flag": If I were a child in Africa, I'd sing this song every day of my life. I'm not, but luckily K'Naan was (he grew up in Somalia), so it's a good thing he belts out these lyrics and not me.

Fun. - "One Foot": These guys do more than just talk about being young and drunk in bars, but you'd never know it if you only listen to Detroit radio. The radio stations here can't stop playing "We Are Young"despite the fact that the rest of Fun's Some Nights album is ridiculously good and deserving of some airtime, too.

Oh, you want to see and/or listen and not read my wannabe Rolling Stone commentary?

Play on, Macduff! Play on.

Name a song that always makes it on to your race playlist! If you say anything by Coldplay, we should probably get married.

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RnR Seattle Half Marathon Playlist + RUN