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I walked up the Empire State building TWICE with my couch

WOW it has been weeks, WEEKS, since I've been able to sit down at an actual computer and type up a post. To say that our life has been crazy in the last few weeks would be an understatement. In a 3 week span we completed FOUR 1,500 mile trips. We visited my ailing mother in law in Virginia and returned home under the impression her health was improving. Two days later we got the call that she passed away and we headed back to Virginia.

There is SO much to say about our time in Virginia, my emotions around that trip are still pretty intense. As much as I would love to vent, this isn't an appropriate venue. However, I will say this: When you lose a loved one, please remember the reason you are gathered together. Forget all the STUFF and draw closer to your family. Enough said.

We returned to Austin on a Sunday... and Monday we moved. We are still in the Austin area, but have moved to be a bit closer to Camp Mabry. Genius that I am: I picked a 3rd floor apartment. In my mind I thought "yippeee... guaranteed stair work". What didn't occur to me was how we would actually get all our things up three flights of stairs. That first day was KILLER. I kept track and ended up walking a total of 3,950 stairs (while carrying heavy boxes and furniture UP), the first day. To put that into perspective... .that's about twice the number of stairs to the top of the Empire State Building. Fun day.

Happily, I can say we have *most* of our things moved in, and are making great progress unpacking. And, at this point I'm actually enjoying the stairs. <---that statement will probably come back to haunt me

DAYS spent trapped in a truck and WEEKS spent with emotions on edge mean I'm ready to settle back down into a routine. I was THRILLED to be able to get back to training for my upcoming 1/2 marathon (ZOOMA). This past Saturday I led a small group of ladies on one of our remaining three runs.

Our plan called for ten... but I had the misfortune of breaking my toe the morning before. Not a big deal, pretty sure the pinkey toe is useless, but I definitely felt it while running. I decided to just put in 5 miles and then be the finish line crew. Our ladies rocked their 10 miler despite the heat and humidity. Less than 3 weeks 'til race day! Use promo code- AUSTRICIA11 to save $10 on ZOOMA Austin 1/2 marathon registration HERE.

After ZOOMA, Charles and I running Hell Run. This will be our first obstacle race, I'm super excited about getting muddy! We registered for the "Super Hell" course which is 6.85miles with 20 kick ass obstacles. They've been adding new cities, check it out HERE. Use promo code: EIOP (case sensitive) to get 15% off registration.

The other exciting thing, coming up this week, is the movie "My Run". It's the story of Terry Hitchcock's quest to run 75 marathons in 75 consecutive days. It's a one night only showing, March 31st at 7pm. You can purchase tickets HERE.

I enjoyed "Hood To Coast" so much a couple of months ago, I'm looking forward to another running movie.

(edited to add:yes,I threw a ton of links at you. I condensed three weeks into one post.)

Ok people, what did I miss? I've been away from blogging for so long, I'm out of the loop. Anyone want to get me caught up? :)

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I walked up the Empire State building TWICE with my couch + ZOOMA