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So happy I got myself a (longgg) nap today.

The nights of suboptimal sleep really added up over time- and "resting my eyes" turned into "zonked on the couch" til hubby woke me up at 9:30 pm. Woops.

This week has been just ok- I've got some decent workouts in, have eaten my weight in clementines and apples (which I brought for my medicine team- clutch!) to fight off an obnoxious cold that's just dying to conquer me, and I've worked (and learned) a lot.

Hubby tells me he read my blog today (probably for the second time)- and he loves it. That's my happy thing today:-)
He also said he's going to start shaving and cleaning up more before pictures, haha. Here he is on NYE ;-)

I'm off to shower/bed. I was literally the last person in the gym tonight. Woops.

Tomorrow's another admitting day and then (hopefully) I'll be out in time for girls dinner--Woo!!

Yea this is about how girls nights go.

Til tomorrow.

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