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I just want to SHAKE you! (and me)

I was working on a long winded post. Agonizing over how to tell you what I was feeling, frustrated that the hundreds of words I wrote boiled down to one thing.

I just want to SHAKE you and say:

You CAN DO it! Believe in yourself!

-Want to lose weight?

You can DO it!
Take those first steps, make those changes, and save your life.

-Want to run a marathon,10k, or just run down the block?

You can DO it!
Start small, build up a base, start training and reach that goal.

-Want to win the lottery?

You can DO it!
Ok, there is a like a 1 in 54 billion chance, so maybe pick a new goal. Something YOU have control over.

-Want to write a book to share your story with others?

You can DO it, Tricia!
Yes, this one is directed at myself. For almost a year I've kicked around the idea of writing a book about my weight loss journey. I feel strongly that my story can help others. I want to get the word out that you can conquer obesity by making sustainable lifestyle changes. But so far I've only written a paragraph.

WHAT is holding me back?
The same thing that's probably holding each of you back from reaching your own goal, the fear of failing. But one of the most amazing things I've figured out in the last two years is that I learn the most about myself when I confront my fears.

And guess what? We'll never SUCCEED if we don't at least TRY.

Eighty percent of success is showing up. ~Woody Allen

What holds YOU back from reaching your goals?
What are your goals?

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I just want to SHAKE you! (and me) + weight loss