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Allied Medal Display Giveaway

A few weeks ago I had a bout of “mommy guilt”. You see, I was adding more and more races (shhh….don’t tell Charles) and as I was dreaming of new race bling it suddenly occurred to me that while I was excited about adding new medals, my current medal holder probably wouldn’t appreciate having to shoulder more burden.


Actually, he probably would be excited because he spends as much time playing with those medals as he does any costume he owns. But, in an effort to save his neck I reached out to the kind folks at Allied Medal Displays. They agreed that while Dash was undoubtedly the CUTEST medal holder they had ever seen, they would be able to come up with something a bit more practical.

Endurance 26

The process was super simple. They have tons of great designs ready to go, or you can customize one of your own. I was really impressed with how smooth ordering went and within no time at all I had this beauty on my door step.


Installation was super easy but I ran into a problem. After hanging my medals I realized I had TONS of room to fill and the races I had registered for just weren’t going to cut it.

So I registered for a few more. This week I got in the lottery for the Houston Marathon half as well as registered for the 3M half in Austin two weeks later. Those, along with the slew of other races this season should fill in those spots nicely.


Odds are I’m not the only one that struggles with where to display their medals, so Allied Medal Displays kindly offered to help you out. They’re letting you choose anything you want from their website. Ends midnight 7/8. Separate comment for each entry.

1. Mandatory: go to and shop around, come back and leave a comment which one you would pick.

2. Go to their Facebook page click here and “like” them. Leave a separate comment here.

3. Tell me what you usually do with your medals, where do you display them?

4. Spread the word & leave a comment for EACH way you’ve done so:

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disclaimer:all medal displays were provided my Allied Medal Displays,the review however is my own.

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