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Freeze Your Thorns off 5K Race Report: I won! I won!

Saturday was the first annual (I'm making stuff up here) Freeze Your Thorns Off 5K. It was a virtual race put on by Adam. Basically 50(?) of our closest "virtual friends" got together to run a 5k in our respective cities. The rules were simple:

Run 5k. Wherever, however, on January 8th.

This was my first race since Rock N Roll San Antonio. For most races, I prepare, stress and plan. For this race, I decided to go with the flow. This is how my "pre-race" routine went:

Roll out of bed about 9 am, check the weather. It was about 45 degrees. Warm by most standards, but I decided I would wait until it got a bit warmer. Toss running clothes in backpack and head out the door.

11am-Check out a local farmers market

12:30pm-Time to hit up the Taco Truck. Doesn't everybody fuel for a race that way?

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For those of you not from these neck of the woods, South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery is pretty much what it sounds like. A group of trailers you can walk up to and order anything from tacos, to hot dogs to cake balls. We went the taco route with some out of the world Torchy's Tacos. Grab your grub, find a picnic table and enjoy the outdoors.

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1:30pm: With tummy's full of tacos, we headed off to the Star Of Texas Tattoo Art Revival, with the lovely MizFit Family.

After checking out some art, and ink, we played outside with the kiddos.
4:30pm It was finally time to start thinking about the race. My clothes were with me, but I soon realized my Garmin wasn't. How was I going to run a 5K without knowing the distance?

Luckily, there is a Golds Gym on every corner. So I hit up the treadmills, alone. Want peace and quiet to "race" at the gym? Go at 5:30pm on a Saturday night. It was EMPTY.

I punched the incline up to 3 (to take away the "this doesn't count, its on a treadmill" feeling) and I was off!


Sure, it wasn't my fastest 5K, but considering those tacos that came back to haunt me at mile 2, I will take it!

And I'm happy to announce:


Whooohooo!!!! Go Me!

I've won an AG in a real different race before, but I have to say this win holds a special place in my heart. (after all... its the first race I've ran entirely alone)

Don't forget about Hood To Coast, tomorrow night!

*I'm assuming it's pretty obvious to everyone I was the only Austinite racing, yes?

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Freeze Your Thorns off 5K Race Report: I won! I won! + running