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I toyed with the idea of a holiday gift guide for runners. As I was thinking about my favorite gear I realized that every single item I wore during my marathon made it on the list. I wouldn't change a thing about what I wore that day.


Sony W Series Walkman MP3 is the official music player of the Rock N Roll series marathons. I had the pleasure of using a Walkman during RnR San Antonio.

I will admit, I was a skeptical about it at first. I liked my iPod, but didn't like how often I got tangled up in the cord to the ear buds. Call me klutzy, but I would continually yank my ear buds out (that is... when they weren't SLIPPING out). The best feature of the Sony Walkman is that it is cord free. I can FINALLY run without getting tangled up. Also, when you want to run music free, just slip them out of your ears and it rests against your neck. No more fumbling with fitting my ipod back in my pocket.It comes with different size ear pieces so you can customize it to fit your ears. The sound quality is great, and its water resistant so you never have to worry about distortion from sweat. Add in a quick charge feature and easy drag and drop music loading and I was sold!

The only down sides are the name (I feel the constant need to say "Not the old school WalkMan, the new Mp3 player) and the looks. It reminds me a bit of a robot those blue tooth things.

Sweaty Bands:
I am in love with Sweaty Bands, its as simple as that. They are uber comfortable, don't slip, and they keep sweat out of my eyes. I wear them outside of running as well because they are so darn cute.

I've only recently started running in the Nike Pro Form shirts. Of course they're sweat wicking and all that jazz, but my favorite thing about them is that they seem to be a bit longer in length then a lot of my running shirts. It drives me insane when my shirts blow up as I run, but I never have that happen with these shirts. They are surprisingly affordable for $20 at my local sporting goods store.

Moving Comfort:
You can't tell from the picture, but I wore the most AMAZING Moving Comfort Juno sports bra. With awesome features like adjustable wide straps (something most sports bras lack)and seam free interior cups (no chaffing), this super supportive bra has found a permanent spot in my running wardrobe.

Running Skirts:
Anyone that reads my blog knows that I am a die hard skirthusiast. makes the most comfortable, functional and adorable skirts I've found. I LOVE that all their skirts are equipped with pockets. This particular capri skirt is part of their amazing new fall line. I was thankful to be able to put it on and forget about it. I never had to adjust or worry about it the whole 26.2 miles. If you haven't seen the new fall line, go check it out HERE.

And if you fall in love with something (and I know you will) then be sure to use coupon code "endurance" to receive 15% off your order.

Prior to the marathon I hadn't ever ran in arm warmers, but as the day got closer I realized I was going to need something to stay warm. Sugoi sent me a pair of their Tatu Arm Warmers. I was nervous about wearing something new on race day, but it ended up being a great decision on my part. They have a grip up top that keeps them from moving, and the stretchy fabric makes them super comfy. I am IN LOVE with their arm warmers. In fact, I've taken to wearing them outside of running as well. They are really handy for days when its cool in the morning but warm in the afternoon. Instead of being stuck with carrying around a jacket I just slip off the sleeves and toss them in my bag.

p.s. next week is my birthday, if you're still looking for a gift for me I would love their Jail House or Mini Skull arm warmers in medium. Please and thank you :)


Thorlo Experia are one of my "go to" socks. They are super light, with padding only in the necessary places.

Mid-way through training I switched to the Brooks Ghost 3s. These neutral shoes are super comfy without being heavy. I appreciate the snugness in the heel.I like them because they feel much more "natural" than other styles I had tried on.

Body Glide:

I ended up 100% chaff free after the marathon. I attribute it to great gear AND copious amounts of Body Glide. Enough said.

Family Fan Club:
Seeing my family in their special "support crew" shirts brought a smile to my face. Family Fan Club is a great source for outfitting your own support crew.


Yes! Sugoi made my list twice. I wore their Piston 200 Tights for recovery after the marathon. These were a HUGE help with my knee pain. When I would take them off my knee felt very unstable, as soon as I put them could feel the support. I had a two and a half hour drive home the day after the race and I wore these to prevent any further soreness. Heads up though, there is no graceful way to get into these, I wouldn't recommend doing it with an audience in the room. Or... maybe you should-I've been known to need a helping hand to squeeze into them :)

The Silver Maple:

The Silver Maple makes the most AMAZING running and inspirational jewelry. Their hand-made, vintage inspired pieces can be customized for anyone on your holiday list.

The best running accessory?


Adam became a dad yesterday, stop by his blog HERE and congratulate him and his wife.

(disclaimer:all items that were linked were given to me. However, the reviews are 100% my honest opinion. After all, Santa is watching and I want to make it on the "nice" list)

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