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Vegas, Random Russians and Carrot Cake

Monday was mine and Charles' 4 year anniversary. I believe I shared our story on here again, but it's worth repeating.

How we met:

I met Charles on MySpace. I have no idea how I came across his profile (friend of a friend of a friend??), but had seen that he was deployed to Iraq. I sent him a quick hello and we started chatting. That was mid May 2006

We instant messaged and then eventually talked on the phone. In July he came home for mid-tour leave. His first week was spent with family in Virginia, but then he flew to Austin to meet me.

I picked him up from the airport on a Thursday. That was the first time we had officially met. We spent the next day exploring Austin, going to the Capital, on Duck Adventures and checking out the local scene.

That Saturday we went Sky Diving. Charles is afraid of heights, but wanted to impress me. I LOVED it and he managed to not puke on the instructor. :)

The next day we continued to do the touristy Austin things including going to InnerSpace Caverns.

(awwww... to be young again... )

On Monday, we went to dinner at TruLuck's which is a Seafood/Steak/Crab restaurant. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner and a lovely bottle of Far Niente. He seemed a little nervous and kept feeling in his pocket. I started to have an inkling of what was going to happen next.

But he pulled out a box, and said he wanted me to have something to remember him by when he went back to Iraq the next day. It was a lovely pair of diamond earrings. I was thrilled and thrown off the idea of a proposal.

A little while after that, over a shared piece of carrot cake he proposed. And I of course said "yes".

So... met him on a Thursday and by Monday we were engaged. On Tuesday I dropped him off at the airport and he flew back to Iraq.

While deployed:

We talked a lot over the next several months. I ran up several thousand dollars worth of international calls to Iraq. We were lucky to get to talk alot. I was a full time student at the time, and focusing on class was definitely difficult while I was worried about him. He hadn't ever met my parents (gasp) and we didn't really make any plans for a wedding. I figured that would happen when he came home from Iraq.

Home from deployment:

On November 28th he came home from Iraq. I picked him up at Ft. Hood and he said "pack your bags, we're leaving for the airport in 2 hours." He had apparently called my work FROM IRAQ and arranged a week off. We were soon on a plane-TO VEGAS.


Las Vegas was the perfect place to get married after such an unconventional engagement. We checked out a few of the "chapels" but ended up picking the JP. The only problem was: we needed two witnesses.

Charles was a bit discouraged, but I told him I wasn't giving up so easily. Across the street from the justice of the peace was a pub. We went inside and while Charles sipped a beer I scouted out people to take part in our wedding.

I approached a couple at the bar. It didn't take me long to realize that they spoke VERY little English. They were Russian, here on holiday. After much gesturing I got my point across and they agreed to be our witnesses.

We headed back across the street and as we waited our turn (its a hopping place!), we tried to talk to them. Through broken English they explained that THEY were planning on getting married the next day and were very happy to take part in our ceremony.

We were called back and quickly married with random Russians as witnesses.

4 Year Anniversary
I was in for a surprise again yesterday. Charles told me to be in a dress and ready to go by 6 pm. I didn't know the plans, but knew he had arranged for my mom to watch my son.

(my date picking me up for dinner)

Much to my delight, we ended back up at TruLucks. As we came in we were greeted by the manager, "Happy Anniversary Mr.&Mrs.M" and were immediately ushered to our table.


On our table was champagne with strawberries. Opened beside our table was a bottle of wine (the same one we drank the night we got engaged)

We enjoyed a trio of goat cheese as an appetizer. For my meal I had seared scallops and lobster macaroni and cheese and asparagus. They was DIVINE. Charles had King Crab Legs with Parmesan mashed potatoes and asparagus.

For dessert we split carrot cake, once again just like the night he proposed.

As we were enjoying the carrot cake the manager came out and brought us chocolate cake with fresh berries, candle on top, with a happy anniversary message on the tray. They also gave us a happy anniversary card signed by the staff. It was so sweet, and I appreciate them helping make it special.

Full of good wine and amazing food, our evening wasn't through yet. Charles once again surprised me by pulling up to the Hyatt Town Lake (the hotel we stayed at over our engagement weekend)It's a lovely hotel overlooking the lake in Austin.

I came into the room to find red roses,wine, and chocolate covered strawberries Charles had dipped himself (sneaky boy).

We had a lovely view of the Austin skyline.

(Charles,looking buzzed after a bottle of wine and champagne)

We had a amazing evening, it was great to have some kid free time alone.

Happy Anniversary Prince Charles, I love you.

Next year... ... .VEGAS :)

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Vegas, Random Russians and Carrot Cake + HAPPY