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I'm in it for the Booty

Thanks for all the amazing support on my race recap. I was blown away by the comments, this online community is so supportive! One of the questions that I keep getting asked is "What are you going to do now?"

  • Obviously, I am not running right now. (knee injury-for those of you that missed it) Try not to be TOO surprised that I am, once again, taking time off for an injury. Its a problem that needs to be addressed. I've got a post coming up where I delve into why (I think) I am so darn injury prone.

    In the mean time... .these are my plans for the rest of the year (all 6 weeks of it)

  • Rest my knee: I've taken the past week off from all running/walking/swimming/cycling/etc. Odds are this week will be the same. I'm staying away from working that area until its pain free.
  • Where did my guns go? Earlier this year, while taking time off due to a stress fracture, I focused on getting guns... .and then I slacked off went back to running and let those muscles fade a bit. Once again, I'm using my break from running to focus on strength training.
  • Booty-less: Pretty sure a lot of my ITB problems stem from my lack of booty muscles. (sorry, no pictures) While I'm genetically pre-disposed to be umm... flat (anyone seen my dad?) I'm determined to do whatever I can on my part to make that area stronger to look better in tight pants to improve my running.

  • Total body: More than just the booty, I plan on a total body makeover. Don't worry, not extreme plastic surgery planned. I just want to work on becoming more overall fit, as opposed to just running. (with the evil plan that the overall fitness will IMPROVE my running). Lots of swimming, water running and cycling ahead. Oh-and the dreaded Pilate's. Time to get over my group fitness class phobia.
  • Form: I KNOW I have poor form. I even KNOW how to fix it. With no race day looming, I now have all the time in the world to fix it. (once I start running again that is... .)
  • Race: Speaking of "no race day", IF I happen to obtain all previously stated objectives (this is my disclaimer to keep my husband from locking me in my room and never letting me out), then I would LOVE to be able to run Rock N Roll Dallas half on March 27th. Just a horizon dream right now.

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