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Road to the Big "MD"

Making the decision to go to medical school was tough for me. On one hand, my sights had been set on becoming a pediatrician since I was 3 years old and could say the word "pediatrician" (or some childlike variation of the that). However, I knew it would be a long, tough road- and who was to say if I could do it? I went into med school with blonde hair, a nice tan, and a tiny bit of confidence imparted from my achievements in college.

Me on the megatron during college graduation.

On my first day of medical school- I needed to earn that white coat!

I stumbled through the first 2 years of medical school. Who was I to tell people how to take care of themselves? The situations were contrived, the baggy white coat I wore was a reminder that I was in training, that I wasn't an expert, and that my patient correspondence should be taken with a grain of salt.

It's difficult to become an expert at something, and confidence is not something that can be taught, but must come with experience. I'm still not an expert on patient care, and medical expertise will come with time.

(And maybe a hair and white coat size change ;-)).

The one thing that I do feel confident about, and want to share with you- is my knowledge and experience with healthy living. I may come across as that girl who is obnoxious about her healthy habits- but know that the way I present myself on the blog is only a version of me- it's my best self, the self that I want to project to my patients, and the example I want to set for the population that I will one day confidently counsel and treat. I want you and yours to take ownership of your health in every aspect- and if my idea for a healthy granola recipe can point you (even temporarily) in the direction of nutritional savvy, and my circuit training workout can motivate you to get you butt to the gym (even just once)--then I'm accomplishing what I've set out to do--be a health advocate for my friends, my family, and my patients.

Someday soon (cough::May 2012::cough) I'll be a real doctor- and that comes with a load of responsibility. Health advocacy is one piece in the puzzle of becoming an MD- I'm just getting my ducks in a row a little early. Feel free to take my advice/musings with a grain of salt (or a big honkin' shake of it)- but just know that I am practicing on all of you- and plan to be the most bad--- doctor I can be when that time comes :-)

Best in Health,

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