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Ernie Harwell

Last night, Detroit lost one of its most iconic sports figures: R.I.P., Ernie Harwell.

Ernie was a magical 92, and I think I can safely say he was/is a legend in the Detroit Tigers system. Like many fans, I'll never forget listening to his calm, even-toned voice deliver perfect play-by-play action on WJR 760 every night from Tiger Stadium. My grandpa Al used to blare the games on the radio (or, on occasion, the TV) and I equate those early years of my Tigers education with both him and Ernie.

The fact that Ernie stuck around in Detroit through pretty much every up and down the Tigs saw is a true testament to his character and explains, I think, at least one reason why so many fans cherished his presence.

Though I might not be an avid baseball fan or hold Tigers season tickets, I felt the death of Ernie warranted, at the very least, this blog entry. He's truly an inspiration to the spirit of Detroit and to baseball as a whole, and as a pseudo athlete, I have immense respect for a guy who used just his voice to both rev up and instill calm within an entire stadium of players and fans.

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