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THATS healthy?!?

I got suckered into surfing the Parents magazine website earlier today. I clicked on a link asking something along the lines of "Do you think your kid is cute?"... and before I knew it I was reading parenting advice. (The answer to that question was: "Obviously, just look at him" :)

I found myself in their "Fit Generation" section and had a quick look around when I ran across an article (seen here) titled "7 Healthy Grab-and-Go Snacks". I opened the link expecting to find a few of my "go to" on the go snacks such as apples, bananas. Instead here are a few of their suggestions:

Chocolate cookie caramel pecan popcorn sounds delish, but is it "healthy"?

I'm a HUGE raisin fan, but are they even allowed to call them "raisins" if they have a candy-like coating?

I didn't want to jump to conclusions on this one so I pulled up the ingredient list. Lets just say it was WAY to long to post on here and I'm pretty sure I can't pronounce most of the ingredients let alone tell you what they were.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I never eat packaged food. I do. I will go so far as to say that I've even tasted those sugar coated raisins and they are yummy, BUT I would have a hard time saying any of those are "healthy" snacks. From what I can tell from this list "healthy" means getting the most amount of sugar for the least amount of calories.

Want to know my opinion? Low-cal, high-artificial ingredients doesn't mean its "healthy". I'd pick a lovely fatty, calorie dense avocado over a chocolate drizzled "only 90 calories" bar any day. Fresh is best, save the sugary treats for a special occasion.

Do YOU think the above items are "healthy" snacks?
What are YOUR "go to" healthy snacks?

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THATS healthy?!? + snacks