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Tribal Energy Cardio Giveaway

One of the things I've learned through this past year is that it's important to open myself up to new experiences. So when I received an email asking me to review this workout DVD, billed as African style dances with a total body cardio workout, I went ahead and accepted even though anything with the words "dance" AND "cardio" together usually make me wince. YES, dancing is a great form of cardio but I will be the first to admit I'm lacking in the coordination department. In fact... .its possible I own the entire collection of Turbo Jam DVDs,but wasn't ever able to master the "4 BASIC moves" in the intro and therefore never progressed. Sad, I know.

Luckily for me the moves in Tribal Energy Cardio are super easy to follow. With that fear out of the way I was able to enjoy the workout. The uncomplicated African-style dance moves are set to a basic drum rhythm. I have been using this DVD in the mornings during the time my 2 year old and I usually silly dance around the house. For several mornings straight he has requested we workout to Tribal Energy Cardio. One of the things I like best about this DVD is that its something that can be done at any age. I like the idea that its a "workout" that I can do with my 2 year old. Other pros include that it is low impact and easy to follow. This is a great DVD for people of all sizes and fitness levels.

While my review is mainly positive, I will be totally upfront and say I wasn't impressed with the overall quality of the DVD. It looked a little "low budget", but I don't think that's something that negatively affected the workout in anyway.

The other thing I would say is this IS NOT an intense workout for someone that is already in great shape. However, it is a great workout when you need a more gentle form of cardio or just want to change up your routine. And its a wonderful option for people that are at the beginning stages of working out or simply need low impact cardio.

I will continue to use this DVD simply because my son loves it so much. It's a great change of pace and a way for me to get in some alternative cardio with my child.

You can purchas the DVD by clicking:
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Two winners will be chosen to receive their own copy of Tribal Energy Cardio. The contest runs until midnight EST on Friday, April 23rd. Here is how to win:

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3. Enter my other giveaway by clicking HERE and receive an additional entry. (leave a separate comment letting me know)

(I was given a dvd to review, however the review is entirely my own)

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