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"Squeeze and squishes so delicious, tummy begging for S'more"

I have emerged from the wilderness. We had a great camping trip. It was my sons first time camping so it was fun to watch him experience new things. He especially enjoyed the campfire and would tell us we needed to "Turn the fire on" when the flames got low. I managed to get in some running, but our hiking expedition got cancelled due to rain.

On Saturday I got to meet up with some friends in the area. I haven't mentioned this before, but my husband is on active duty in the Army. Prior to the last two years spent in Florida, we had been stationed at Ft. Hood in Texas. The friends I met up with were people in his old unit at Ft. Hood. It was nice to see them safe and sound after Thursdays tragedy. We had a good visit, but spent much of the time discussing the events of that day. Ft. Hood is an amazing community and this tragedy has helped make it even closer and stronger. The victims and their families continue to be in my prayers.

Saturday evening back at the campfire I got to enjoy a special treat. S'mores. Yummy! I also got to watch my son roast his first marshmallow and bite into his first s'more.

The first bite--

And now my turn. Notice the marshmallows. I prefer mine burnt.

Ok, it doesn't look that appetizing in the picture but trust me, it was good! And the best part? I ONLY ATE ONE! Yep, I showed restraint and enjoyed just that one S'more. It's all about moderation, not deprivation. (I think that's my new motto.)

And now... a catchy little tune to get stuck in your head.

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"Squeeze and squishes so delicious, tummy begging for S'more" + running