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Friday Five: The Saga Continues

1. First off, thank you SO much for all your support on my Nuun Hood to Coast Team application. If you haven't seen it, click HERE to see my super awesome video. And speaking of that, I'd like to thank Janna for her help. We hit up all the iconic Austin spots in one

day. It was INSANE and we were exhausted, but we had TONS of fun. Fingers crossed that Me and "Mr. Nuun" make it to Hood To Coast. Yep, thats right, if I make it you'd better believe that little guy is coming with me. One day soon I'll tell you the whole story along with things like his first name, and introduce you to his girlfriend.

2. I have been SUPER busy. I feel like we're constantly on the go. This makes getting in workouts a challenge. I find time for running but am always hard pressed to find time to fit in anything else. So, I was super pleased when MizFit let me test ou

t some of her workout cards. I LOVE LOVE this idea. Its a "100 calorie pack" workout. Each card is a quick workout you can do most anywhere. Each workout has pictures and instructions that are easy to follow. The cards are laminated and held together by a ring that makes them easy to toss in your bag for workouts on the go. They also happen to be super affordable. The best part for me is that Dash LOVES to follow along with the pictures. Check them out HERE.

3. I need to be better about logging my workouts on here but I'm curious if anyone is interested. Do YOU like reading about other peoples training plans? I know I do.Today I'm slotted to do mile repeats. So errr... fun. And sidenote: I am LOVING having a coach. Its nice to have someones brain to pick as well as to have someone to be accountable to. And, as much as I grumble, I really feel like I'm getting faster. I highly recommend my coach Adam, shoot him an email if you'd like some help reaching your own goals

4. I've been a bit remiss in announcing my Silver Maple The Silver Maple giveaway winner, forgive me. The winner of the necklace is: Shelley at My Journey to Fit. And for those of you interested in her fabulous pieces you can use coupon code "ENDURE" to get 20% off your purchase.

5. For anyone that read yesterdays post or the twitter updates about all the dental drama, here is the rest of the story. I went to the new office, got checked back, and met the dentist. He spent awhile giving me several numbing shots and then left the room to give them awhile to work. He came back about 15 minutes later, by then my mouth and tongue and lip were feeling nice and numb. I figured it was finally Go Time, but instead he said, “I have some bad news for you”. He went on to tell me they were out of dental dams, which is apparently a latex block that keeps the solution they use and instruments from falling in your throat. He said they couldn’t safely do the procedure without it and I would have to reschedule. Once again like at the other office, I left without a root canal due to someone making a mistake. The worst part is, they didn’t seem remotely bothered by the mistake, and went so far as to have an attitude about working me in another day. So the saga continues….

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend, and Happy Fathers Day to all those Daddy's out there.

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