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On Feeling Like a 12 Year Old

The last couple of days have been busy, busy, busy. I've been cleaning up, shutting down, and getting ready to ship myself out to the seas of summer, which started (for me) at 10:52 a.m. today!

But before I could celebrate the end of another school year, I had to indulge my inner tween by heading to the NKOTB/BSB concert last night.

My younger (read: Backstreet Boys fan) cousin, Lindsay, picked up tickets months and months ago for myself, my sister Betsy, another cousin Sarah, and a friend, Mandi.

After dining on a lovely meal of Wendy's, we headed out to The Palace of Auburn Hills (where the Detroit Pistons play and where many big acts stop by in the summer) for the show. We hit massive amounts of traffic on the way, but made it just in time to hear Jordin Sparks finishing up her opening act.

Then, it was time to get pumped.

See how excited I am with my sister? Look at my giant fish eyes!

My sister and I saw New Kids when we were maybe 7 and 9, and I've been dying to go to another concert ever since. I had still have aa major crush on Jordan.

While I'm not/was not a huge Backstreet fan, it was pretty awesome to get 9 still-relatively hot dudes performing a bunch of punchy pop songs.

The highlights, though, belonged to NKOTB. They performed a ton of awesome old songs that still make me swoon.

Jordan doing a little "I'll Be Loving You Forever". You can't tell, but he was totally pointing at me when he sang because he knows I used to kiss his face (on my NKOTB sheets) goodnight.

And I seriously lost it like a tween when Joey busted out "Please Don't Go Girl". I don't have pics from that one, but here's the video if you want (and you will want) a refresher:

We also heard classics like "Step by Step", "You Got It (The Right Stuff)", and the both groups closed the show with a medley of "Hanging' Tough" and BSB's "Backstreet's Back".

Finale shots:

Say what you will about the stage's... ahem... shape...

The entire set lasted nearly 2.5 hours and was well-worth getting home at 1 a.m. on a work night and feeling like someone throat punched me all day today from all of the screaming and singing.

I indulged in my inner tween once more today as I finished up my grades and packed up my classroom for the summer, feeling excited about the summer that was about to commence.

Ahh, empty desks.

And another mostly empty and very clean desk.

There's something so mind numbingly awesome about summer. It's running in the morning, boating on the weekends, enjoying lazy afternoons in the sun.

I do enjoy this view from my classroom, but I'm pretty sure I'll be enjoying the view from bedroom window even more when I look out it every morning after sleeping in.

I'll leave you with a more recent New Kids track that proves 1) They're still hot. And 2) Summer is awesome.

Some Very Important Questions:
-Who was your favorite New Kid or Backstreet Boy?
-What signals summertime for you?

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