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A Bad Date = Saturday Stretching

I had a date last night.

It was a bad date.

It was awkward. I lost interest early on. He seemed to lack direction in life; I had to keep telling him what to do and when to do it.

I wish I would've preemptively set up one of those infamous I'm-Having-A-Bad-Date Phone Calls. You know the one - the one when a friend calls you with an "emergency" so dire that you need to hightail out of Bad Date World immediately.

But I didn't. And the date dragged on for 60 minutes.

I bet he still lives in his Mom's basement.

You see, I had a date last night with a guy named Tread Mill. Tread Mill is the kind of guy you call when you've got no other options on a lonely, cold, and windy Friday night.

So I sucked it up, gave him a ring, and we met at the local Rec Center for a treacherous 1-hour, 6-mile get-together.

Tread Mill left me feeling tired and slow. I averaged barely under 10-minute miles, and shins, calves, and hips are on fire this morning.

I survived, but I definitely won't be calling him again. (at least until another one of these types of nights rolls around.)

Luckily for me, I have another date this morning. This date is with a guy named Foam Roller.

I've been on a few dates with Foam Roller before, but let's be honest - I knew this guy was smart, but I never quite figured out how to use that to my advantage. (I basically just rolled around on the thing for 5-10 minutes and called it day.)

So, in anticipation of our date this morning, I watched some YouTube videos for some pointers. Here's a good one, complete with a mildly attractive trainer with a mildly hot British accent:

I'm hoping that this date will go much smoother than last night's date.

And I hope my husband doesn't mind that I'm dating all of these dudes.

Intimidated by the Foam Roller? Don't be. It's actually really easy to use. Plus, it's cheap. We picked one up from our local Running Fit store for about $25. The benefits are endless, and because you self-massage, no need for those costly visits to the local spa! (Which is nice if you're a cheapskate like me.)

Megan Wants to Know... Do you like running on the treadmill, or do you prefer getting outside to log miles? Why?


A Bad Date = Saturday Stretching {weather}