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PTSOTW: Hoodie Allen

If you're a fan of Girl Talk's hip-hop/mash-up style, check out Hoodie Allen.

He's no relation to quirky director Woody Allen, but he's awesome nonetheless. I appreciate his goofy, white boy preppy style of rapping over sampled (and some original, I believe) tracks. His easy pop-culture laden lyrics remind me of my youth as he drops reference after reference in his verses.

Some notable references:

  • A.C. Slater
  • Regis Philbin
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • January Jones (Mad Men hottie) (his words, not mine)
  • Michael Scott
  • Michael J. Fox
Seriously. This dude is awesome.

And for once, I have to credit my husband for this one. He's normally up to his ear in Van Halen, Styx, and Duran Duran, but he's found a real gem in Hoodie.

Hoodie's latest, Time for the Pep Rally, can be downloaded for free! right here.

Want a listen first? Check out the popular "You Are Not a Robot" here:

And then my personal favorite, "So Much Closer", here:

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PTSOTW: Hoodie Allen + tickle me elmo