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Maybe I'll quit tomorrow

Yep, why quit today? Put it off until tomorrow.

Anyone that has ever tried to make a lifestyle change has used the line, "I'll start tomorrow." I know I'm guilty of that. Just as often people say, "I'll start after the weekend." We are great at procrastinating.

So lets turn that bad habit into a good one.

I was out on a 5k run today. The weather was yuck. It was drizzling and muggy. I didn't have anyone to run with so I was out on my own. I was a little tired and had a headache. And the list of excuses why to quit running went on and on.

I was about 2 miles into the run when I started thinking about stopping. Those excuses were playing in my head so I started giving myself a pep talk. Instead of reasons why I SHOULDN'T run, what were the reasons why I SHOULD?

I like the way I feel after a run. I like that I am losing weight. I like that a week after I buy a new pair of pants they are already baggy on me. I like being able to tell people, "I'm going for a run." :) I like that running makes me want to eat healthier. And on and on.

Guess what? The positive list WAY outweighed the negative. So I decided, "Ok, if you really want to quit you can do it after this run."

I completed the run. And I have no plans of quitting running.

I think this applies to more than just running. It also works for my "get healthy" journey. If I ever get down or overwhelmed or frustrated instead of giving up I will procrastinate and quit tomorrow.

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