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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 6

Ugh. You probably shouldn't even read this recap. I'm only updating on this week's "progress" for two reasons:

1) So I can look back and remember how easy it is to work out when you aren't also working a full-time job
2) Because I really like keeping things neat and in order, and to skip recapping week 6 would be a detriment to weeks 5 and 7, duh.

Week 6 Workouts
I'll save you the trouble of a weekly run down and just say this: I didn't sweat a single day save for Saturday's Martian 10k. (Ok, so maybe I'll include the sweat I sweated when I went back to work that very first day. It was slightly unnerving.)

Another gratuitous photo from Saturday's events. Aren't her little paws adorable? We have to hold them in every picture because they're totally mini and cute.

On the flip side, heading back to work last week brought back some semblance of routine, so it was much easier to hit my produce and water goals for the week.

Plus, being a teacher, I'm automatically assigned to a life of only eating what I bring with me to work since we A) have all of 30 minutes or less to eat lunch thus leaving zero time to go out for pizza or Wendy's or something else greasy and tasty, and B) there aren't any deliciously unhealthy snacks in the few vending machines that we do have. I'd kill a man for a bag of chili cheese Fritos on some days, I swear, but at best I'm confronted by a bag of Snyder's pretzels. Blech.

Week 6 Focus: Working Out While Working It Out At Work
It's really effing hard to juggle life (i.e., work, running, dinner making, baby caring, etc... ) right now, hence the 1/7 days of working out last week.

Side note: I'm convinced there's some miserable little person sitting in some lifeless brown cubicle someplace whose sole job is to make the minutes tick away faster and faster every day. When I think I've caught up with something, the miserable person only spins the hands of the clock even faster and giggles relentlessly as they watch me attempt to do it all.

Moms who are able to keep up a regular workout schedule while putting in 40+ hours a week are my heros right now. If you're one of those people, feel free to leave me copious amounts of tips and secrets on fitting it all in.

Let me paint a picture of a typical day so that you can understand my complete lack of motivation to do anything. Here's a rundown of today:

3:30 am: Charlotte wakes up, we wake up, binky goes into her mouth, back to sleep.
4:00: repeat
4:45: C's wakes up for good and is ready to eat. Curse the gods that made me woman, feed C.
5:15: snuggle in bed with C, listen to her making funny sounds, dread the final alarm.
5:50: begrudgingly roll out of bed for shower
6:30: finish getting ready, pump, pack lunch, pack C's diaper bag
7:05: head to work
7:45: first bell rings, eye incoming students and hope that they aren't distracted by under-eye circles too much because we have to talk about prepositional phrases today
10:17: lunch (yes, lunch at 10:17), pump
10:47: resume the day
12:57: end of planning period, pump again while nursing a Coke Zero, wonder about the effects of fake sugar and caffeine on breastmilk
2:33: final bell
2:40: race to staff parking lot (got to fit in speedwork somewhere)
3:07: arrive at C's daycare to pick her up
3:25: get home, unpack our four bags worth of stuff, eat a snack, make silly faces at C
4:05: she goes down for a nap and so do I
6:21: wake up in a panic attack because we slept away two lovely hours
6:22: Kevin comes home, I try to look "awake"
7:00: realize there's no way I'm getting a run in today, start dinner, get C into PJ's and sing goofy songs
8:01-present: write this rambling blog post and hope you don't mind the lack of cohesion

Ok, so there's more than one chunk of the day that I could've devoted to working out (e.g., the napping hours, right now), but when I finally have these windows of opportunity, I'd rather just breathe for a moment. Or nap. Whatever.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I have no idea what I just wrote. It's like I blacked out for a minute, like Will Ferrell in Old School when's he in that debate with the old bald guy from CNN.

Feel free to make some comment below, perhaps a favorite Old School quote, maybe a cool story about your day.

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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 6 + workout