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working out + orgasm = "Coregasm"

So apparently some women can have orgasms from working out. That's awesome! I wish I could have an orgasm while working out. Actually, gyms are already pretty nasty. That sounds messy and bring a whole new meaning to "wipe the equipment off." Yeah, I went there. Guys - this isn't for you.

No one really knows why this happens when some women work out their core muscles. The general idea seems to be that when some women flex their cores repeatedly they activate the pelvic nerves, which can lead to a 'coregasm.' You can find more information here and here.

Of course, Men's Health seems a bit jealous of the other sex's ability so they put in this section (by a women so it doesn't seem odd):

Debby, being a conscientious Men's Health columnist, hastened to add that, "as fun as these are," women should watch their form during the exercises, no matter how good it feels.

"If an orgasm just happens to occur while using good form, that may be an added bonus," she said, "but I would advise women not to pursue an orgasm at the expense of proper form."Ok, I get it. When you go the gym, focus on doing what you went to the gym for. But that's crazy. Let's call a spade a spade. Women - get your coregasm on. If it helps motivate you to go the gym or workout, even better. And don't worry about form. Contrary to the professionals, I would advise women not to pursue proper form at the expense of a coregasm.

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working out + orgasm = "Coregasm" + running man