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The 11 Things Bandwagon

Even though I'm enjoying the fruits of a "Hey, I Pushed Out a Kid so I Don't Have to Work for 13 Weeks" vacation, I still love Friday just as much as I did when I actually worked.

Fridays mean Kevin is done with work for a few days, and we get to be a little weekend family. Fridays mean a cold beer or two and a movie from the mailbox. Fridays mean letting the weekly guard down a bit, dishes piling up in the sink and an extra handful of M&M's in my belly.

On this particular Friday, it also means a light and easy post. For a minute, I was going to go all Paula Dean on you today, loading down the page with lots of heavy cream words and melted butter feelings, but I'll save that for another day. The sun's too bright and the air's too warm for that business.

Side thought: I know she's got the diabetes and all, but I'd eat every single thing Paula Dean makes. Those fudgy brownies, the crispy corn fritters, the biscuits with the chocolate gravy.


Side thought two: I need to stop watching Food Network.

Sorry for the digressions. On to The Bandwagon, the one that's been making the rounds of the blog world. Catie and Katie both tagged me in the 11 Things post recently, so I thought I'd hop aboard and tell you some random crap about me today.

Some Rules:
-You must post the rules. (Yikes! Bossy Internet Meme, you are)
-Answer the questions the tagger set for you and then create 11 new questions for the people you tag
-Tag 11 suckers people and link them
-Let the peeps know you've tagged them

Questions From Catie

1) What is your favorite childhood memory?
Reading. Anything. I read all the time, and I loved it. My favorite book? William, Where Are You?, a sweet story about a boy that eludes his parents at bedtime. It now sits in C's room, and we read it before naptime.

2) What's the first thing you purchased with your own money?
Drugs. Just kidding. Probably something real short-sighted, like candy or chips from the corner drive-through convenience store. Yep, we had a drive-through party store in my neighborhood. Classy.

3) Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad but turned out to be for the best?
After graduating college, I wandered aimlessly in the Real World for three years, working quasi-random jobs in the corporate world, doing nothing with my education degree. The cubicle life was certainly not for me, and I always felt like I was wasting my days away in those grey, lifeless wonders. However, when I finally accepted a teaching position, I was grateful for the time I'd spent in that other world. It settled down my "collegeness" while giving me a chance to learn the ropes of the professional realm. Plus, I get a kick out of telling people that an English major once worked in the accounting department. It's like pouring milk on steak.

4) What are three songs you'd include on your life soundtrack?
"The Time of My Life"

Play this at my funeral, please. And someone MUST do The Lift in front of my coffin.

"Mr. Jones"

Always a good sing-a-long song.

"Lodi Dodi"

For the thug in me. I can rap the whole thing. Ask me to sometime.

5) Summer or winter?
Neither. Give me spring or fall. I can't handle extremes.

6) What is your favorite spot in your home?
My bed. Nothing dirty, I just enjoy sleeping.

7) What is your hidden talent?
See #4 above - I can rap like a West Coast gangsta.

8) Would you rather have many casual friends or one close one?
One close one. I've been known to have small groups of tight-knit buds.

9) What daily activity bores you?
Brushing my teeth. I can't stand it. My electronic toothbrush has a 2-minute timer, and for those entire 2 minutes, my life is monopolized. No multi-tasking, boo.

10) If you could do it over again in school, what would you study?
Dietetics. For a hot minute during my junior year, I almost switched to this major. Then I saw how much chemistry was required, and I chickened out. Good thing, though, because I'd probably be a bad dietician. When people would come to me with real problems, I'd console them with M&M's and tell them to go jog a few miles. And to not watch Paula Dean shows.

11) What piece of technology makes your life easier?
It's a toss-up between my phone (baby tracker app, agenda, Internet, Facebook app) and the hand-me-down baby monitor that will tell me momentarily if C is going to wake up early from her nap and interrupt this blog post.

My Questions
1) Marry one, kiss one, kill one (90's sitcom style): Steve Urkel, Mr. Feeny, Danny Tanner. What do you do?
2) You have one day to eat whatever you want with no caloric or weight penalty. What do you chomp on?
3) What's one thing that makes you smile no matter how angry or sad you are?
4) Name a guilty pleasure TV show.
5) A time traveling machine will take you back to any decade you want. Which do you choose & why?
6) What fitness activity do you absolutely loath?
7) Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean: Does it really work? Alyssa Milano seems to think so (and she was Tony Micelli's daughter for god's sake), and that damn infomercial is so convincing. Hmm.
8) Pancakes or waffles?
9) If you were to get stuck in a hot air ballon with someone for 17 hours, who would that person be, and how would you pass the time?
10) At what age did you find out that Santa was not real? How did you react?
11) What's your favorite thing about Fridays?

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For everyone: You can also take the easy route and just answer one or two of the questions in the comments below!

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