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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 3

Somewhere in Florida (I think), Tina Reale is laughing. I'm sure of it. She's got some kind of Big Brother-esque eyes in Michigan, and they're watching me attempt one-legged squats:

and walking lunges with weighted twists:

... and I'm failing miserably at them while sweat drips into my eyes.

Actually, Tina's probably very, very sweet. She's only imposing such madness upon me because I chose to have such madness imposed. And for that, she's pretty awesome.

Week 3 Workouts
Monday: workout a (weights - lower body) + 45 min walk
Tuesday: 2.5 mi run @ 10:00
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: workout b (weights - full body)
Friday: 60 min walk
Saturday: 4 mi run @ 9:40
Sunday: OFF

I'd originally planned a 6-day workout week, but Charlotte got her 2-month shots Wednesday which meant that I'd spend the rest of the day doing 12-pound baby curls because she wanted lots of extra snuggles.

On Sunday, although I wanted to do the upper body workout C, Kevin and I spent hours cleaning up our yard instead. I wish I could count that as a workout because raking a bunch of dead grass is hard. My triceps were burning, and I was reminded of the main reason why our landscaping always dies every summer: I suck at outdoor manual labor.

Water intake: Giant fail #2. I went 4/7 again. It's time to point fingers and blame Coke Zero and the weekends. I want nothing to do with water on Saturday or Sunday. However, I'm taking into account some of the suggestions from last week's post, so perhaps I'll find success this week.

Produce: Surprisingly, I'm doing well with this goal. As long as I plan to add a piece of fruit or a veg with each meal, I've able to get my 3 servings in without a problem. More on this in 3... 2... 1...

Week 3 Focus: Worthwhile Calories
In these first three weeks, scheduling and completing workouts hasn't been overly difficult, 97% of the time. So now that I've got a good handle on that, I need to focus my energy elsewhere: FOOD.

Since becoming a babymomma, my eating has kind of gone all Stacey-from-Wayne's World-psycho-hose-beast crazy.

In addition to the calories I'm burning working out, an estimated 500 more are burned off due to breastfeeding. Since I'm not looking to lose weight but rather tone muscle at this point, I make up that deficiency by eating more.

And let me just say that the extra calorie burn is the cat's pajamas and almost worth the difficulty that is producing food for a human. I know breastfeeding is good for the baby and all, but I'd nurse that kid 'til she was 18 if A) society wouldn't judge me, and B) she would let me come to prom with her just to continue reaping that benefit for myself.
However, my psycho-hose-beast problem is this: The intake of those extra calories has been largely centered upon things like Oreos (I was on a 6-per-day habit for a while there), granola bars, midday bowls of cereal, and Dairy Queen Blizzards (hey, they are buy one, get on for $0.99 right now, sue me).

In other words, I'm letting my appetite go all bat-shit crazy at least once a day. Instead of soothing it with filling snacks and worthwhile calories, I allow myself to get too hungry and then chow down on a bunch of sugar and crap.

It tastes good, but it's ultimately combative to my mission of overhauling my Mr. Burns physique.

What I'm going to do is this: Force myself to eat more of said filling snacks and worthwhile calories throughout the day so that I don't become ravenous at night. Perhaps it sounds counterintuitive, but I think that by eating more I'll actually eat less. God, I'm a logic whiz.

Some foods I'll focus on:

  • Hearty, protein-rich breakfasts like granola + honey greek yogurt + a fruit or a breakfast cookie
  • 2+ quality snacks like string cheese + fruit, a larabar + almonds, or a smoothie
  • Pre-planned desserts like an ice cream sandwich or brownie sundae (It sounds weird to focus on eating dessert, but I realized that if I have a set, larger dessert in mind, I'll eat that & feel satisfied instead of grazing on a million different things)
So that's my plan. Eat more to eat less, I guess.

Week 3 Question: How do you fight the good food fight, a.k.a, how do you stay on track with your own nutrition goals?

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