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Tallying Up The Good

This week wasn't my favorite of weeks. I was tired, overworked, and just generally cranky. As evidenced in the last few posts, the piles of to-dos and have-nots have grown, and since I can't seem to get more than a few hours of sleep without waking up to roll over grunt and flail my way to a new position, I've officially become the female version of this guy:


And since I've gave up running a few weeks ago, I'm left with little outlet in which to get my rage and rants out, so this blog has been housing them as of late.

Where I used to write angry and disappointment-filled posts about bad runs and races, posts about having too much to do and not being able to run the way I used to have populated this feed. Just as I did so often when I was running, I've lately been concentrating all of my energy on things that have gone wrong.

But today, if only for today, I thought I'd stop with all of my #firstworldproblems (link to an excellent post from Megan that inspired this very one that you're reading now) and instead tally up the good from this week.

Weekly Win #1: This massive tub of pink chocolate chip-studded chocolate cookie dough.

I ordered it from one of students who was selling it as a fundraiser. Supporting the cause and having pre-portioned bites of cookie dough now available in my freezer? I might even call that a double win.

Weekly Win #2: Pedicures, fancy dinners, Mall Madness. It's ladies' weekend at my house this weekend, a 3-day adventure we girls like to call "Tramp Camp".

Last year's TC participants. More details to come on this year's festivities in a later post!

Weekly Win #3: Christmas scents are heavy in the air in our house now.

Nothing makes it feel more like Christmas than a nearly suffocating amount of holiday candles, sprays, and scented pinecones.

Weekly Win #4: A husband who let me crash in his lap every night this week.

Like I said, I'm exhausted. By 9:00 every night, you can find me hogging much of K's personal lap space. He also brought me breakfast last weekend and constantly asks what he can do to help out so that I don't go nutty.

Weekly Win #5: These dark cocoa roasted almonds (see a trend here?) are awesome.

A serving packs a good dose of protein and healthy fat with little sugar (only 1 gram). Probably a much better choice than chowing down raw cookie dough. Or I could just eat both. Yep, I'll just eat both.

What are your Weekly Wins for today?

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