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I ran the R2R2R last weekend with an awesome group of very talented and fun young runners. I was a shocked and surprised to discover that I was the most senior (age-wise) of the runners at the terribly old age of 28. I don't have a lot to say about the run, other than it is harder than expected but definitely do-able. The toughest thing about the run is that it is running a mountain in reverse. Instead of gaining elevation first and then losing elevation, you loose elevation and then gain it back (and then do it again). In retrospect, I should have warmed up before setting off on the run - I'm not used to running downhill for 6 miles and 5,000 as a warm-up. My knee is still tight from the experience (which I guess reveals my old age). With that said, the run was absolutely incredible and it was great to share the experience with such talented and amazing group of people. If you want some write ups and pictures you can find more comprehensive write-ups from the Weasel, S.A.M., and the always impressive Mr. Jones.

Yesterday I went up to Boulder for a little pacing duties. AK was running his first marathon on a course of his own design. I love the idea of forming your own routes, so I was more than happy to help him out. My duties consisted of riding beside him on my bicycle, which I hoped helped him out. I know I would like a mobile aid station at some point for some races. Hopefully, now, we're even for pacing duties (although, as he reminded me, only if we measure pacing in terms of miles and not time). While he didn't stick the pace he was hoping, he did have an incredible race. Stay tuned here for a race report.

I got an email today from Western States saying that the lottery is now open. So the big question is should I put in?

I don't know how much I want to run it next year, but I want to run it eventually. I've already put in for Hardrock, which I would prefer over WS. I was thinking that maybe I could wait until I hear about HR to apply for WS, but applications for WS are due Nov. 26th and HR lottery is on Dec. 1st so that won't work. Maybe I should put in just for the hell of it. But then again, maybe I should not put in and explore some other races (Kettle Moraine or Big Horn), which would provide me with being able to not sign up if I get into HR. I'm not excluding the possibility of doing both HR and WS if I were so un/fortunate as to get into both. I guess my question really boils down to: what are the merits of WS? Although I've followed the excitement of the race the last few years, I don't really know much about it other than it gets hot and it's a fairly quick course (but they're all becoming quick courses apparently). It has lots of competition, but I'm not confident I'd be much of a competitor there. It's hilly, it's hot. But what else?

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