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I won't know it sucks unless I try

It's two days before Rock n Roll San Antonio and I can't honestly say whats going to happen come race day. You all know that I injured my knee 4 weeks ago. I've done time off, steroid injections, ice, ART,wishing on a star and just about anything else I can think of.

Two aborted runs this week convinced me to get another opinion.I went to a new clinic Wednesday and after performing a "McMurray test", which is basically a clinical manipulation of the joint, the doctor said it was positive for a meniscus tear. Obviously the best way to diagnose that is with imaging, so I have an MRI scheduled for Tuesday.

So what does that mean for this weekends race? He feels that running the half wouldn't cause further damage to the knee if its a meniscus tear and he was confident enough in the diagnosis to say I can run the race.

He did however go on to say "but it will really suck"

Obviously I wouldn't run it if I thought it would cause further damage,but am I willing to run when it will "suck"? Probably not, but I won't know if it sucks unless I try.

So on Sunday I'll cross that start line and I'll run. I will continue to run until I am no longer enjoying myself. If it gets to the point where pain wipes out any joy from running then I will quit. There's no point running if it hurts, if I can't reach a goal I trained for, and if it is no longer even remotely enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to this race weekend. Charles and I will have some alone time, visit the River Walk, oh and go on a nice run Sunday morning.

Have a great weekend!

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I won't know it sucks unless I try + running