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Sassy September in Review

Don't you just love the word sassy? It always makes me want to snap my fingers and jerk my head around in unnecessary circles, you know, just to be sassy.

Its sassiness aside, September was a pretty good month in many ways that don't involve running. Granted, this blog's supposed to be about running and all, but being 25 weeks pregnant has forced me to find solitude in other outlets lately.

Running Recap
Miles Run: 17. Not gonna lie, I really wanted to lie and type 57. Or 29. Or 72. But 17 it is. Sometimes, we just have an off month, and this was mine.
Longest Run: 4 miles. It's no marathon, but 4 miles is 4 miles. Gotta count 'em when you can.
Races: None, but I'm making lots of plans for next year.
Running Moment of the Month: Realizing that I'm just not going to be my old running self right now. That, and going on froyo or Slurpee dates with Erika and Megan.

RoadAgainMegan IRL
At Work: I headed back to work this month and, despite being plagued with a bad case of the "I Don't Wanna Do Anything This Year", have been successful in keeping myself organized and on top of planning and grading. Even the school yearbook, of which I'm in charge of this year, is on a good roll. Hopefully, my perseverance will pay off when I peace out for 12 weeks in January.

At Home: While our household To-Do List never seems to be complete, we have gotten a good start on the nursery by purchasing a crib, choosing paint and fabric, and cleaning up LBA's vintage dresser. Kevin already has a coat of very light grey paint on the walls. More updates to come soon!

Blog Bits
Good Reading: My Greader list grew tremendously before I headed back to work; it's now as long as our house To-Do list! As hard as it is sometimes to keep up on everyone else's life, I enjoy coming home to spend a few minutes hours combing through my Greader. Here are two I love this month:

  • Health, Happiness, & Skinny Jeans: Samantha is a witty and well-written blogger hailing from our neighborly country to the north (Canada? I'm not very good at geography). Her posts never fail to stop and make me think for a few moments. Oh, and did I mention she's running her first 26.2 in 3 weeks?
  • The Athletarian: I must be on a Canuck kick because Christina is also from the Great White North. She runs, is a vegetarian, and has a super cute boyfriend named Dean (hope you don't mind that I find your BF quite attractive, Christina!). Her blog is full of pep and always makes me want to get up and do something!

On The Road Again... Again: Even though running wasn't my primary focus this month, I found lots of other ways to ramble on in this here blog:

  • Visited the cider mill with blog friends, boyfriends, husbands, and babies
  • Had a mini-meltdown when the early weeks of work blew up in mah face (and then got awesome "you need to calm the eff down" tips from readers)
  • Couldn't stop singing the words to top pop songs
  • Celebrated Week 24 of being knocked up
  • Fessed up about my own eating habits and loved the discussion in the comments

Another Shameless Plug: I have nothing to plug this month. If you're feeling sorry for me, you can always follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

A Shameless BaxterCat Photo: She's just so snooty.

October Goals
1) Log more miles. I'm not looking to get crazy here, and I am thankful to still be able to run while pregnant. But 17 miles is not going to cut it for me. Must take advantage of the last breath of good weather we'll have for 6 months and get out there!

2) Finish up my quasi-race season with a 5k or two. Plans are in the works for the Wicked 5k on 10/30, and I want to squeeze one more in there either this month or next.

3) Take advantage of other equipment at the gym. Oh, hello elliptical and stairclimber and weights and jazz like that. We met once, long ago. I think it's time we meet again.

4) RELAX. After all of that is said and done, my big goal for October and the next 15 weeks is to take it easy and enjoy the few months Kevin and I have to ourselves. We want to take a short local trip (a.k.a., the "babymoon") before LBA makes a grand entrance.

Thanks for hanging out with me this month!

What goal do you have on your list for October?
What should Kevin and I do before baby comes? Toss some ideas my way.

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