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Photo Friday: Is my fear showing?

I thought I had seen all the pictures from our Hood to Coast adventure. Then, earlier this week Lisa posted this one:

Seeing that picture transported me back to that moment. That was taken in Mist,Oregon. I was lined up in the shoot, waiting for XLMIC to slap off to me. That would be my third and final leg.

At that point, we had just a handful of minutes sleep. I had already ran two legs including one straight down a mountain. While I was hydrating well with nuun, I definitely wasn't fueled well. About 15 minutes prior I had tossed a few chocolate covered espresso beans in my mouth washed down with some tropical nuun and called it breakfast.

I was excited and afraid. I was exhausted... would my legs go when I told them to?

That leg ended up being my favorite despite my near panic at the beginning, full recap HERE.

Thanks Lisa, for capturing this moment.

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Photo Friday: Is my fear showing? + team nuun