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Hood to Coast, Leg 2:playing chicken with the train

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When I last left you, I was icing an ankle. The ankle held up GREAT thanks to an arctic ease wrap and some Tommie Copper compression.

While Van 2 was out running, Van 1 went off in search of grub. Its odd, because it seemed like we had FOREVER until it was time for us to run again, and then suddenly I'm looking at my watch realizing "forever" is actually only a couple of hours. Instead of hitting up a chain, we found a local brew pub. 4th Street Brewing Co had a burger to interest all of us.

I ordered a Veggie burger,no cheese, with fries and a coffee. I was hoping the coffee would wake me up for my next run.

I got about half way through that burger and suddenly my stomach went crazy. A few trips to the bathroom and I started to get worried. At that point, I was about 3 hours out from my run and already regretting fries. Soon everyone finished their meal and we headed to the next major exchange in Portland near the Hawthorne Bridge.

It was dark by then, and the atmosphere under the bridge was almost party like. People had on their blinking safety lights and glow necklaces and everyone seemed pumped. I hit up the nuun tent for hydration, had a quick potty break and then started prepping for my run.

I was STOKED to find out I'd have a partner for some of my run. Julie, from "Adventure Is Out There" had been on course cheering on some of my team mates. I had asked her if she'd want to run through Portland with me and she said "yes". I'll admit that I was a little worried my legs wouldn't want to go after the crazy Leg 1,The Leg from Hell"so I was thrilled to have someone to chat with while those screaming muscles warmed up.

XLMIC handed off to me, and we took off. We cruised along the bridge, taking in the Portland waterfront. It was gorgeous at night, Julie and I chatted, getting to know one another and I was reminded how blessed I am to be a part of this blogging community.

About a mile and a half in, I started to feel my muscles warm up and then Julie pointed out we were going to get stuck by a train. I looked up, and sure enough we came to a screeching stop. Figuring it would only take a couple of minutes, I didn't bother to time the train, luckily Julie was smart enough to keep tabs on it. We ended up waiting for the train for 13 minutes! Right as the train was ending, Julie snapped a quick picture of me and we were off again!

And then, lucky Julie, I serenaded her with the worst country song ever "I Play Chicken With the Train"

Cowboy Troy - I Play Chicken With The Train by WBRNewMedia

It was no surprise that she soon was ready to head back, I'm sure it didnt have ANYTHING to do with my singing, right Julie? :) She ran the first 2.4 miles with me and then headed back. I was super worried about her running alone at night, but thankfully there were other runners out with the race. I laughed when I read her recap, apparently people thought she was a Hood to Coast-er and kept pointing out she was heading in the wrong direction. Thank you Julie!

I was then on my own, in the dark, running through an ugly industrial area. I had to go through the whole warm up process again, it takes me FOREVER to warm up so I'll admit I was feeling sorry for myself. I didn't see our van so I thought they had gone through before the train. All I could think was I was 13 minutes behind projected time, on a 4.18 leg 13 minutes is HUGE. So I got it in my head they probably thought I was out there in the dark, walking or wasting time. It was silly, I can only say I was tired and not thinking clearly. I had a tiny pity party for myself out there.

Soon I was at the exchange, and slapping the bracelet on Average A

I came up to my team mates apologizing, trying to explain the train. Turns out they had gotten caught by it too, and didn't even realize I was late. :) Looking over my garmin, minus the train, I would've ended up close to 4 minutes FASTER than my "predicted time". Darn the train. Actually, looking back on it now, I've made peace with the train. Its a story to tell. :)

I grabbed some Fruit Punch nuun and hopped in the van and we headed on down the road for the next adventure.

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Hood to Coast, Leg 2:playing chicken with the train + tommie copper