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July Jamboree in Review

I'm running out of alliterative month in review post titles. Jamboree? Really? Maybe my creativity will return when I'm back to work in less than a month.

At least July ended with a bang. We were in Fenton this weekend (where Kevin's from, near Flint) for the wedding of our friends Todd and Cristi. So much fun! We also got in some time on the lake, apparently making any effort to brown ourselves as much as possible before the summer really does wind down.

A few pictures:

Todd looks really angry this photo, but I promise he's the nicest, cuddliest, friendliest guy around. And I'm pretty sure he was happy to get married. Not angry.

At the reception, Cristi changed into this super cute short dress and bright blue flowered heels. Stylish and smart, considering it was 90 degrees on Saturday!

Kevin and I snapped this photo together because I "don't think we have any photos of us looking nice." I sound like I'm 93.

And then there's this squirrel that was eating on Kevin's mom's deck. That's pretty much what I look like when I eat - belly out, feet apart, hands at the mouth, cheeks stuffed.

Ok, the squirrel says to stop with the antics and get on with the monthly review. Here we go:

Running Recap
Miles Run: 38.29. That's almost a 10-mile per week average. Not bad; it's definitely up from June's low of 27.
Longest Run: A 6.5 mile run done in anticipation of the Belle Isle 10k.
Races: I just did one - the Belle Isle 10k - but it was pretty awesome, even if it was about 90 degrees that morning.
Running Moment of the Month: Setting a new PR at the Belle Isle 10k! (I want to see how many times I can fit the words Belle Isle 10k into one post.) I haven't run too many 10k races, but it was still nice to set a new PR at 15 weeks pregnant.

RoadAgainMegan IRL
At Work: Work, schmerk. I'm still on summer vacation, people! In fact, I've tried to think about work as little as possible this month. However, with August officially starting today, it might be time to go to school-related things like buy cute new binders and flashy grading pens. Yes, these are the things I get excited about.
At Home: Nursery planning has been on the brain this month. Kevin and I shopped for furniture, and I've been obsessing over crib bedding sets and wall decals. More nursery deets to come later this month!
We also made it to BumpWatch Week 15!

Blog Bits
Good Reading: With time still on my hands this summer, blog reading has become one of my favorite pastimes lately. A few newbies I've picked up on:

  • Daily Garnish (vegetarianism, food/recipes, fitness, pregnancy)
  • This Spartan Will (triathlete training for another Half Ironman, momma, runner)
  • Aura Joon (gorgeous photography, new momma, inspiring fashion)
On the Road Again... Again: Summer has been filled with all kinds of deliciousness.
  • I revisited some of my favorite posts from the last year or so in the 7 Links post that has been floating around the Blog World like a pair of trendy skinny jeans.
  • Feeling like the new kids at the high school lunchroom table, Megan and I hung out with cool local bloggers at the Detroit Bloggers Meet-Up & Launch Party.
  • Nostalgia hit in a big way when I went for a 3-mile run on the campus of my alma mater, WMU.
  • But it wasn't all puppies & rainbows this month. Stress has set in in a major way, and I talked about how it has been to just slow the eff down.
What's New: Nothing this month! Even though I've been blessed with an abundance of free time, I haven't made the changes to the ol' blog that I've had on my to-do list for 7 weeks. They're coming, though, I promise!

August Goals
There are some cool things in the works for this month! I'm very, very excited.

  1. Another race! Although I was thinking of switching to the 8k race, I've decided to go ahead with the full Crim 10-Miler this year, now that a couple of girls in our group are going to join in. No time goals of course, just a nice easy run/walk for completion.
  2. Yoga. Sigh. I've been talking about this goal since April. Now might be the time to buck up and actually go. I think I just get weird about social settings while working out.
  3. Enjoy every. single. moment. of the final weeks of summer break, as it will be the last big break until LBA arrives in January!
Thanks, as always, for jumping On The Road with me these last 4 weeks.
Now Tell Me: What are your August goals? Have any races coming up soon?

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July Jamboree in Review + YOGA