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Junk in my trunk,fried pies, and miles. YOU asked

I am operating on 2 hours of sleep (more on that tomorrow), typing this as my 20 month old nephew destroys my house plays, so it may or may not make sense.

First off, I'm SUPER excited for the Fila Toning Twitter party hosted by my buddy MizFit. I own a pair of the "toning capri's" and while I won't claim to be any toner by just wearing them, I WILL say they act great as compression bottoms. When I run in them, they hold all the junk in my trunk in place. Score! Find details on the party HERE.

On Friday, I opened myself up to some questions, ANY questions. If you're interested in asking me about ANYTHING then click HERE and ask away.

Michelle,from Miles for Breakfast:

Q:What would your ideal vacation be?
A: My ideal vacation would include a mix of lounging around AND exploring the location. I want the option of being lazy or active. Dash would be there with me and Charles, but we'd also have someone we trust come with us to watch him when we want some alone time. (I can dream,right?) And while I'm dreaming, that vacation would be in Greece. I'll make it there one day.

super Kate:

Q:Whats the best thing about blogging?
A:I had a hard time picking one, so I fudged the answer a bit with two. The friendships I've made through this online community are on of the best things about blogging. I'm continually amazed at the connections I make. Secondly, and this is a super selfish reason, but one of the things that touches me most about blogging is the emails I get from readers who tell me I've inspired them to take control and be healthy. The whole reason I started this blog was to share my weight loss story and to give those struggling with obesity hope, to let them know it IS possible to turn your life around. I'm thankful I've been able to help and give support to those that need it.

Cory from Fast Cory asked the all important question:

Q:Favorite Hostess product?
A: This question totally made me laugh... and then google hostess products. Honestly, they all look pretty much the same to me... cake with cream in the middle in various shapes. Am I right? So while Charles would pick a snowball (shudder) or a zinger, I would go with a cherry fruit pie. Fried pie filled with sickeningly sweet cherries,sold off a gas station shelf? Yes please! (anyone else think this is funny, following the talk about using my blog as a platform to share my healthy living journey?)

Either way,if it were guilt free thats what I'd pick.

My Nuun-mate The Blonde Ponytail:

Q: What's your favorite mileage?
A: I'd have to say 10 miles.Long enough that I feel like I did something, without being so long that it takes a lot of time to recover. I've talked about this before, but it takes me a good 3 miles to start even enjoying the run. Then, by miles six I'm usually LOVING it, so taking it to 10 gets me to double digits without much abuse.

Submit your questions HERE.

If you HAD to pick one, and assuming they were all calorie/chemical/guilt free, what would be your favorite Hostess product? And for balance, what's your favorite mileage?

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Junk in my trunk,fried pies, and miles. YOU asked + weight loss