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Friday Favorites & a Little Q&A

Happy Friday! Don't you just love Fridays? I mean, seriously, good things always happen on Fridays.

Up first today - Megan tagged me in her Q&A post, so according to all Rules of the Blog World, I will follow suit.

Pretty simple requirement here, folks. You leave me a question in the comments, and I'll answer it in another post. It can be about anything, but let's just keep it PG-13 and under. I'll write up the answers post on Monday, so think of a swell question over the weekend and leave it in the comments!

I also have to tag 5 other great bloggers to take part in the fun! So here you go...

1. Paula from Eat, Watch, Run
2. Tara from Dashing in Pearls
3. Jess from Little Miss Runshine
4. Stephanie from The Almost Runner
5. Margot from The Faster Bunny

Friday Favorites
And on with the show...

Follow These Folks.

  • My Weight Loss Journey (Dashing in Pearls): Seriously, go read this now. Tara's story is amazing. Best part? Where she says, "I don't have a goal weight or clothing size, I just have a goal feeling." Dang.
  • Reader's Request: Finding Motivation (The Fitnessista): I had a hard time finding motivation yesterday, and found this post from Gina to be another great source of inspiration.
Fun from On the Road Again.
Not gonna lie - it was a slow week around these parts. Still, in the last 7 days, I managed to:
  • Hit a new 10k PR while 14 weeks pregnant.

  • Spend a day at Red Oaks Water Park with some of my favorite things: my nephew, Harry Potter, and a big bag of fresh cherries.
Fabulous Finds.
Pinterest has been a serious time sucker this week. But I heart it. Here are some lovelies I found on there lately:

Kara Goucher running a 2:24 at Boston... 7 months after giving birth. Bad. Ass.

Nursery inspiration.

Wardrobe staples to drool all over while reminding me how to dress like an adult.

Handbag love from Etsy.

Tell Me... What did you love about this week? Any favorite moments, runs, blog posts, etc... ?

And don't forget to leave me a question!

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Friday Favorites & a Little Q&A + weight loss