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Summer Vacation Friday Favorites

Whew! I made it - to Friday. The first Friday of my summer vacation!

Not that it took much work to get here. I've still been energy-less due to the Little One, so this week has been another low-key, low-impact kind of week. Soon though, I'll be in the second trimester, a magical place where (I've heard) energy levels ramp back up, nausea goes away, and a real bump appears in lieu of just being uncomfortable in non-maternity jeans.

Here's are some favorites from this week:

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  • I'm Breaking Up With Sunflower Butter (from Eat, Watch, Run). I heart Paula. I heart this post. Go read it now and try not to giggle about the "butter" on her upper lip.

  • Trying to Stay Positive (from Carrots 'N' Cake). After being recently diagnosed with Colitis, Tina struggled to remain positive as she begins to work her way through dietary changes. Go give her some love!

Fun From On The Road Again.

  • Top of the Muffin (Top) to ya! Pregnancy has gotten me in a clothing tizzy lately, so the mom and I took to the mall in search of some flowy clothes to get me through Pregnancy Purgatory.

Fabulous Finds.

  • New books! Confession: I've been a giant bookworm nerd since I could understand words on a page. But the Reading Bug really got me good this summer, and I've been tackling both Brave New World and the Harry Potter series lately.

  • Arnold Palmer, a.k.a, Iced Tea/Lemonade. This tasty little combo has become one of my favorite summer sipping staples. I made my own jug on Monday (and have almost gone through it all already) by steeping 5 Lipton decaffeinated tea bags in a pot of boiling water before mixing that with a quart and a half of pre-made lemonade.

Don't you just want to put a straw and little umbrella in him and sit sipping by the pool of a retirement complex in Florida? I know I do.

Ok, loves, off to finally eat some lunch and head out for a walk now that the rain has stopped. Tonight: Matt & Kim concert! Yay for Indie Rock! I better go find my slip-on Vans.

And Coming Soon: a 10-week Pregnancy update :)

What are you Friday Favorites?

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