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Eating Less and Getting Ripped

Thank you SO much for the support on the last post. It seems to have touched many people, I've been flooded with emails and tweets about it. I love that such a simple concept can be so powerful.

Continuing on from that post, I thought I would elaborate on what specifically I have been doing to get back on track. Like I talked about, I have been focusing on being kind to my body. That means, fueling it with "good" food. Its amazing how much junk starts to creep in. Its even MORE amazing how much better I feel when I cut the crap.

We had been eating out WAY too often, and while it is *possible* to eat healthy at restaurants, its never as good as I would be eating at home. And, in all honesty, we don't have it in the budget to be eating out much. So, I cut that out as part of my 21 Day Challenge. To be clear: I believe in moderation. I'm not anti-ANYTHING. But for me, I wanted a little reset. I wanted to get back in the mentality that eating out is a "special" occasion, not the norm.

I've also been really focusing on getting in enough water. This one is pretty easy for me. Outside of coffee (and the occasional beer) I rarely drink anything else. I'm just not a soda or juice fan. Since its been heating up and I've been spending a lot of time outside, I have been making sure to be even more vigilant about staying hydrated.

On the food side, the hardest thing for me is portion size. I have to remind myself that "too much of a good thing" is actually a BAD thing. So I spent a couple days tracking what I ate. I don't do that on a normal basis, but I think its ok to check in every once in awhile just to keep myself honest. I've gotten my portions back under control and guess what? I'M NOT HUNGRY. Yeah go figure.

(sweet potatos the size of babies?Yes please)

Of course I'm still running. I've had a few good runs since coming back from the heel procedure and tendon issue, and I've had a few sucky ones. But the good news is,the angry tendon seems to have calmed down. Maybe one day that nerve will get in line.

Additionally, I was sent the Supreme 90 Day dvd series to test out. (dear FTC:consider that my disclaimer) I've only been using it a short time.

Ready for a super honest review?

This is a 90 system that brings to mind a certain other dvd series... anyone heard of a little thing called P90x? Pretty sure you have, since most of you don't live under a rock.

I've talked about P90x on here before, I pretty much love it. Except for a few things. My BIGGEST issue with P90x is that it is WAAAAAY expensive. I can't even tell you how much it actually costs because I would never ever pay that much for it. I was lucky to have a friend who had the bucks to buy it, and then ended up not being able to use the series due to knee issues. Good for me, bad for her. AND bad for YOU people out there who don't have friends with bum knees. Seriously, how do people afford that?

Enter Supreme 90 Days.Ok, I'm going to sound like an infomercial for them, but the best thing about this system is its price. You get a set of 10 dvds for $20. You seriously can't beat that. You can't buy 10 copies of the worst movie of all time for $20. Which is of course, not to say that these are bad. They aren't, I would go so far as saying they impressed me.

The dvds are broken down into body parts (legs,core,back,shoulders/etc) so you focus on specific muscle groups. I like this because there are days I know I want to avoid working legs, so I can just pick the arms or core dvds. I've been taking an à la carte approach. Which is not at all how the program is supposed to be set up.What can I say-I'm a rule breaker. :)For those of you that want to "get ripped in 90 days!" then you can follow their handy dandy "success chart". It tells you what to do each day. Having not followed the chart, I can't comment on it.

Additionally, there is a nutrition guide that comes with it.I don't follow it. I never follow nutrition plans, I like to do my own thing. And I'm not a nutritionist SO I can't give you my opinion on the nutrition aspect of the program. It's not forced on you though, just there if you're interested.

So far it has a leg up on P90x on the price point, and on the amount of time it takes. These are shorter sessions. Only downside is they don't have an equivalent to my FAVORITE P90x dvd of all time: PLYOMETRICS. Its mixed into their workouts, but call me crazy I want a whole dvd dedicated to that specific form of torture.

I'll be straight up and say its a little cheesy. Anything with the "as seen on TV" logo on it makes me cringe. BUT, if you wade through the cheese, there is substance at the core.

Bottom line: comparable program, MUCH less money. Find it HERE.


A lot of you said you were starting your own 21 Day Challenge. What are you focusing on? What steps are you taking to reach your goals?

Has anyone tried P90x or Supreme 90 Days? What are you likes/dislikes

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